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Her Job........It's Erotica Day 1

Updated on October 24, 2009

Day 1


She walked through the door of the apartment with a sauntering gate. Truly saying “I am here”. She walked past the tall figure to her left without as much as a glance. She turned left and dropped a somewhat over sized bag onto a tapestry chair.

She took off the long jacket that covered thigh high black suede boots covering dark skin tight denim. Without looking at the person still standing at the door she pulled a high back chair into the middle of the room. She slowly walked away as to say, “Come here”.

As she waited she ran her fingers along the sage green plaster walls. You could just hear her nails as they passed over the thin white molding.

The owner of the apartment made way to the chair and sat with an excited yet unsure feel. The most obvious sound was the silence. Anticipation was nearly deafening. The maddening tic of the kitchen clock seemed to get louder and louder with every click.

Music began to play. First low then rising to an almost club level. Minutes went by and all that was seen were shadows from the flickering candles and a strobe light blink that was not there before.

The pulse in the chair barely moved. Anticipation was making it hard to breath. Scarlett began to do what she does. She is everyone’s exact fantasy. Tonight she will do what she needs to make that chair and its owner come to life.

As if there were an invisible pole in the room Scarlett began to turn slowly with every ebb and flow in the music. Her body was graceful with more strength than expected from her smaller frame. She turned her head as to have her razor sharp hair move like a long black silk curtain. Everyone desired her. Tonight would be no exception.

She rolled her body back and forth getting closer to the chair with every step. You could see in the shadows every defined line in her tanned skin. The black V necked shirt that exposed just enough of her seemed to be all the chair could looked at. The music had a tribal beat that caused her audience to become light headed. The dance went on and on.

Scarlett slowly pulled the narrow scarf from her neck and danced as if it were her only partner. She placed the scarf around the neck of her on looker signaling as to say, “Don’t touch me”. Scarlett had the ability to get and give what she wanted without saying much. A glance and a look went a very long way in the world of Scarlett. She went behind the chair and breathed in and out on the neck of her on looker. Her breath could be felt on the skin 10 times the amount she was actually breathing. She knew her job and was doing well. 

You could feel the tension. It was as if the chair itself was alive. Agitated quick breaths could be heard but nothing distracted Scarlett. She moved closer and closer. The person in the chair was now absolutely under her influence……just where they needed to be.

Scarlett was much smaller than the person who sat before her yet she was completely in control. She moved back and forth around the chair moving closer and closer with subtle touch against an arm or a leg. She turned with one abrupt powerful movement and threw her leg up and thrusted her boot into the shoulder in front of her. Her heal pushed in just far enough to not break skin. A sensual whimper came from the chair. The heal said, “One wrong move and you go down”. The music continued to beat louder and louder. Scarlett moved to the back of the chair slowly reached over the chair pushing her hands firmly down each side of the shirt. Nothing for a second or two. Then in one strong pull she ripped open the shirt with buttons dropping on the floor. One loud gasp explained it all. Nobody moved especially the over heated out of breath person in the chair.

Scarlett ran her hands slowly down what was left of the front of the shirt waiting for a gasp with every inch. She stopped at the belt line. “Now she said, You are mine”. It took all the strength possible for the person in the chair to keep quiet and not reach out for Scarlett. But it was known that if they did the music would end. All that really was allowed were sounds of what Scarlett caused. As the moans got louder Scarlett demanded more. Scarlett reached to the back of the head and grabbed the short hair tightly and pulled back. “Now,” she said. “I own you”.

Scarlett really never let go. The difference was only the power of her grip. She ran her lips along the neck making sure her breath was constantly being felt. Louder and louder it got. Scarlett reached below the belt line and stopped. She whispered along the ear, “Now, do what you do”. A somewhat shaky hand reached up and pressed down along the outside of the zipper.  At that moment the most significant moan so far. Up and down the hand went harder with every move. Scarlett just waited and watched. At just the right moment she reached deeper into the scalp and with one solid pull she said, “Take off your pants”. Like a robot the zipper moved down and only underwear left. “Continue”, Scarlett said. Slowly yet anxiously the hand began to work carefully at its given job. The intenseness could be felt throughout the room. The chair began to move it took all Scarlett’s strength to hold it. She stayed behind with a continued grip on the the back of the head. As the inevitable approached Scarlett reached around the chair keeping a steady grip with one hand. She placed her hand over the already busy hand. Scarlett rhythmically moved with the hand bellow. After a minute Scarlett said, “Open your fingers”. She was then able to slip two of her fingers between the existing fingers and continue in the same motion. Louder and louder it became. It was exceedingly more difficult for Scarlett to hold the chair. You could see the deep red of Scarlett’s nails in between the fingers of the much larger hand. The cries from the chair became unbearable. It was really only a matter of time before it was all over. With one steady curved motion Scarlett pushed her fingers upward and said, “Come here”. The scream could be heard outside of the first floor apartment.

Scarlett waited a few seconds and slid  her moiste hand up over the chest the same way she had gone down. With a steady deep breath she placed her lips on her neck and with a gentle kiss she said, “Don’t move until I am gone”.

You could hear the echoed click of Scarlett’s boots as she left the apartment with her bag in hand and black hair swaying.



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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 8 years ago

      Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 8 years ago

      Ready, camera, action!Keep the action rolling.

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      logic,commonsense 8 years ago

      Hot! Hot! Hot!