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Sea escapes and Escapades.

Updated on October 15, 2009

Sea-escapes And Escapades.



To be granted access

to your perfumed flesh,
as your fingers

blend with mine,

my thumbs caress
the inside of your palms

in teasing strokes,
lips pressed against your

hungry lips that cling,
as you form with me

a silhouette of bliss,
under sunset skies on a

warm september beach,
long silky hair swirls

lightly around my face,
a thousand tiny

 tendrils stimulate,
the breathlessness I feel

as our lips part,
and words emerge like

liquid warmth to ears
in whispers of a perfect

love we share,
the waves rock us together

as our feet,
embed themselves into

the suckling sand,
and once again our lips

cross paths and lock
to ride the waves of passion

that take hold,
toes sinking in the wet sand,

then tongues collide,
till jolts of pleasure move

us to recline,
the world around will

vanish as we fall
and roll together like

the tiny shells
the oceans tosses

in confetti spills,
beneath the joyous feast

of two in love.


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