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Sean Fears (1) The Beginning

Updated on October 8, 2011

My Toyota

I bought a car in 1992. It was a Toyota Camry LE. And it was really a luxury car. The previous owner was one of the dealers, so it had only 53,000 miles on it. It was a 1988. The amount of miles it held at the time was very little because foreign made cars at that time could get up to 17,000 miles per year. Not bad at all.

I had wanted a Toyota since I was 19 years old. My first car, a 1967 Chrysler ran very well. I paid $150 for it and thought I was the luckiest girl around to have it. The problem was, I didn’t know how to maintain the car. I thought keeping gas in it and not having any accidents was all I had to do. I would later find out, maintenance was the key. I kept that Chrysler for one and a half years. It was towed from a non-parking area that I didn’t know was a non-parking area. I didn’t cry because I didn’t know what I had lost. In between that car and the Toyota, I was fortunate enough to not have to buy my own cars because I had access to cars.

When I went to buy the Toyota, I took my friend Joann. She was a very good friend who knew about buying cars. And she liked Toyotas. We went to the car dealership in Fairfield, Ohio. Out in Fairfield, they had many dealerships, but only one for Toyotas. The car salesman was named Johnny. When you walked into his office, there were so many awards of his salesmanship; you couldn’t see the color of the wall paint. I immediately thought he was conceited. Once he spoke, I knew he was conceited. And, he had the right to be. He was good.

I told him about my desire to buy a Toyota. He told me about the pros and cons of owning a Toyota. I wanted a sky blue. He told me that color had to be pre-ordered. We were at a standstill. I told him, I only had $1200. He said, “Okay.” He took us to see the cars. The first one was grey and silver mixed, if you can imagine those two colors mixed. It was odd; but nice. He invited me to try the car out. I did. Joann and I got in the car and drove off for our test drive. I liked the way it drove, but I didn’t want that color. I wanted a sky blue. After returning, I asked again about the sky blue. Johnny explained again that it would need to be pre-ordered. He also re-emphasized that this one was available now. And, it was available for the $1200 I had in my pocket. After a thirty-minute conversation, I drove off the lot with my new odd colored Toyota and without my $1200.

My monthly payment on the car was $233. It was affordable because I had a really good job and no kids at home. I had been on my job long enough for my credit to be good. After three years, I was ready to pay the car off.

The day I paid it off was a warm day in May. To celebrate, we were going to Outback Steakhouse. It was a new restaurant that Joann and I both enjoyed. We made one stop to see her sister before going to eat. After an hour with her sister, we were leaving. As we walked out the door, a young, handsome, and I mean handsome, man was walking up the street. I stopped in mid-stride because I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was handsome. And I mean handsome. He had the distinct features of a warrior. His skin was the color of smooth dark chocolate. He had a short cut hairstyle. He had beautiful brown bedroom eyes. He wore a muscle tee-shirt that clung to his body like sweat and he seemed to say in his stride full walk, “I am relaxed and enjoying this day.” I was awestruck. Joann came out behind me. When she saw how awestruck I was, she suggested I go introduce myself to the young man. Well, that would be a first for me. I'm an attractive woman. Men chased me. I didn’t chase them. How was I supposed to chase this man, if that’s what I was supposed to do? On top of that, I was a Christian girl. I wasn’t raised to chase a man. I was taught men did the chasing. I had never chased a man. And, didn’t know how? So I was caught between a rock and a hard place.

Joann, however, was pretty aggressive. She being an attractive woman also didn’t have any men problems. She picked them up and dropped them when she wanted to. I didn’t do that. I dated until it ran its course. But here was this man walking towards me and I was speechless.

When he reached me, he stopped. He looked at me looking at him and smiled. He said, “Hi.” I said, “Hi.” We just stood there looking at each other. Joann, behind me, was nudging me to say something. I couldn’t. I didn’t know what to say. She nudged me again. She just kept pushing me towards him, little by little. The man was looking at us. Then he smiled again. I was close enough to him that I could smell the soap he used.

Finally, I said, “Hi, my name is Sherri.”

He said, “Nice to meet you, Sherri, I’m Sean.”

Sean Fears

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