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2 Great Themes of Second Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Two of You

Updated on April 17, 2013

Perfect Anniversary Gifts for your Two Year Marriage or Relationship

Most people have a special someone in their life. And hey, once you've found them, you probably want to keep them too. So finding that perfect two year anniversary gift can really help you out and showcase your feelings to your other half. If your approaching that second year of marriage, here are some tips and ideas: what to get your special loved one.

Most people know about the system of anniversary gift giving, how each year there's a certain kind of thing your supposed to get that someone. For the second anniversary, the traditional gift is cotton, while the modern gift is china.

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Traditional or Modern Anniversary Gifts

The traditional list was officially published in 1937. Though the list itself is not that old, some of the materials on the list have been a tradition for much longer then others have.

For example, in medieval Germany, silver and gold gifts were given on the 25th and 50th years of marriage, as they are today. The traditional list is a timeless and sometimes difficult approach to finding a special gift.

The modern anniversary gift materials list is becoming more and more popular. It is more specific and is much easier for most people. While it does not usually include the thoughtfulness that is put into finding a great gift from the traditional list, it contains some ideas that most people find a lot easier to run with.

Instead of getting someone something made of say, cotton, you could find something more meaningful and expensive to a lot of people. However some people just have an expensive taste or refined as my girlfriend likes to say.


Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas for the 2nd Year

So, as far as the second anniversary, the modern material is china, while the traditional gift is cotton. Both of these should allow for some thoughtful, yet simple gifts. For cotton gifts, you could present your spouse with something more on the sexy side, or something sweeter too.

For her you could get some sexy lingerie that you'd both enjoy, or you could present her with a personalized T-shirt that shows how much you care. You could purchase a nice hammock to relax in, or you could get some new bed sheets.

There are lots of options. For him you could get some new boxers, or other clothing items, or you could present him with new beach towels and the surprise of a vacation. You could do the same thing for her really.

Other ideas include something monogrammed. Whether it's a bathrobe, a beach bag, or towels, it will be loved. You could present your other half with a picnic blanket and a surprise picnic even! If you feel like your spouse would prefer something a bit more expensive however, maybe the modern material china would be better for you.


Modern Anniversary Gifts for a Two Year Anniversary

As far as the modern material- china, it's really pretty straightforward. You could get a new set of china dishes to use on special occasions. You could maybe order some custom-made plates with a special message to him or her.

A gift like this will really show how much you care. You could even purchase a little figurine made of china, something personal to you or an inside joke of some sort. It will show your thought process to get something outside of the box in a pretty straightforward material gift. There is also china jewelry for her, things like: earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, etc.

There are also things besides dishes, if your wife is into candles, you could purchase her a special candlestick holder, or even a set. If you've got the money, why not be literal and actually go to China?! It will certainly not be a forgotten anniversary.

If you don't really have the money for literally going to China, you could maybe consider getting something besides actual china, you could maybe get a Chinese souvenir or a Chinese bonsai plant if you are feeling creative.


Second Year Anniversary Gift

There are many different possibilities on what to get your loved one for that second year of marriage. Finding something special made of china or cotton may seem like a daunting task, but it can be accomplished with some careful thought. Whether you actually go to China or get her some sexy lingerie to heat things up a bit, get them something they'll remember forever to showcase your love and excitement for the years to come.


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