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Secret Tips On How to Seduce A Man

Updated on April 6, 2008

Ever saw a man and wished he was your own but was shy and never knew how to approach him? Then read on, for I am going to reveal to you the great secrets successful seductresses of history like Cleopatra have used to seduce men of their dreams.

The great seductresses of history and legend (for example Cleopatra). Although a seductress's great beauty was certainly a factor in winning men over to her charms, more often it was her cunning knowledge of human psychology.

What is Seduction

Seduction is a specialized form of persuasion that uses a man's weaknesses (such as his pride, sexual desire, or susceptibility to flattery) to convince him to do something which he would otherwise not do. A woman in love with a married man needs all the arts of seduction to convince him to break his marriage vows and have an affair with her.

In orde to seduce to seduce a man, you will be faced with the challenge of convincing him to do something that may be against his principles. At the same time, you will be aided by the simplicity of your request. You are not asking that he fall in love with you or even marry you. The definition of seduction is "to persuade to have sexual intercourse." That's what you want.

Be Careful!

The skills of seduction are diferent from those required to make a man fall in love with you and maybe marry you. When you seduce a man, you will try to use every mean in your power to make him crazy for you with lust. You will be attempting to make him intoxicated and infatuated with you. Nonetheless, infatuation is different from the genuine love that bonds committed couples. Seduction alone is magic that soon disappears.

Discover the Weak Points

If you wish to seduce a man, you must first discover his weak points and capitalize on them to rich your goals. Ask yourself these questions:

-Is he proud? Cater for that pride, show him how important he is

-Does he like being seen with beautiful women? Enhance your beauty and look desireble.

-Does he say that his partner is always nagging him? Never do that to him, accept everything he says, treat him as a king

- Does he wish, more than anything, to simply be with someone who asks nothing of him? Never ask anything apart being with him

Knowing these “buttons” and pushing them appropriately will help you in realizing your seduction plan.

Push the "Buttons"

Many men live stressful lives with pressure to perform coming at them at all sides(at the job,at home,from society).

-Position yourself as the woman who is there to listen to him, to nod understandingly, and to comfort him when he feels misunderstood by the world.

-Never presume to give him advice or criticize his behavior; instead, allow him to talk without interruption.

-Comfort him by putting a sympathetic hand on his arm or giving him a small backrub.

-Reassure him that he is, indeed, a competent, strong, capable man CONTRARY to what he is used to hearing( a failure, careless,useless,receiving dirty looks from his wife etc).

-Tease him gently to bring him out of his dark thoughts and into a lighthearted place.

He will appreciate you for being the only one who understands him, the one who can make him laugh when he's feeling down from all the pressure on his shoulders.

Your seduction success will depend on how well you can distinguish yourself from the other women in his life.

-Listen to him.

-Never nag.

-Fill needs that his wife never would.

-Be happy to see him.

-Make him laugh.

-Take him out of his daily life and bring him into a magical place where he is a king who can do NOTHING WRONG!


You can make a man become infatuated with you, but you cannot make him love you. Genuine love comes from a very different angle, one of honest disclosure, openness, and trust. If you want to go to the next level you can do it.


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    • profile image

      SPowell 3 years ago

      This Is Telling You How To Steal Somebody Else's Man Wtf

    • profile image

      beth 4 years ago

      nice advice....!!! really works :)..try it...btw you don't have to use it on taken men peoples...:/

    • profile image

      faiz 5 years ago

      I love my cousin and i think he too loves me but he didn't say any thing to me.I want him to propose me so what should i do

    • profile image

      ntombi 5 years ago

      listen married woman u can moarn as u like, but i wont stop f#ckn ur husband. married woman u juz a vas for da furniture let us take care of ur man. n plz u must be 100% be4 judging us. if he want to use my body let it be, coz all dat matters is making him happy,at da end of da day we have to be fu#kd coz it what we were born to b. let da man have da cake married or not married

    • profile image

      Jenny McNee 5 years ago

      Are you people serious??? For one thing, get some morals, and learn how to fu.....n spell.

    • profile image

      francis asis 5 years ago

      fantastic going to try it

    • profile image

      francis asis 5 years ago

      fantastic going to try it

    • profile image

      Brenda Barlow 5 years ago

      Fantastic advice! I hope you don't me sharing your article with my subscribers, they will appreciate this.

      It's great to get another persons perspective on men, I'm still learning myself!

      Brenda ~

    • profile image

      Candy 5 years ago

      Does it have 2b a married man.....girls dont u have dignity ,and pride...are u not ashamed wrecking homes...dis is just pathetic.....

    • profile image

      Jmo 5 years ago

      So many readers have missed the whole point of the article...this shit isn't for a wife to use on her husband. Idiots! Yes, these techniques will work on us whether you are the suductress or the wife but the wife using these gambits will ultimately lead to a large disappointment in the future (ESPECIALLY if this is not the wife's normal character traits). Yes, your husband will F the s**t out of you because when you use these gambits this is the girl who he (we) have been looking for all along (who doesn't really exist but in the ethers) and he will be madly intoxicated with you while it lasts but once you turn off these seduction techniques the marked difference will turn to resentment (mark my words and see if he doesn't say something along the lines of "your acting different from before"/"what happened to the girl from a couple of weeks ago", etc).

      This will provide a short term return of phenomenal proportions but when it's your wife who changes behavior (as opposed to a 'conquest') the scar is much deeper and will ultimately (at least in this humble mans opinion) do greater harm than if the "perfect woman" merely exists in the "single/dating world" (I.e. otherwise known as the good behavior period of dating which all know doesn't last a lifetime).

      However, I believe that the short term rekindle effect will have deteimental and resentment ad even more extraneous extra-marital affairs because now you have given your hubby something that he wants, that you USED to give him (but no longer truly want to do nor in fact do) do he will invariably seek out that same feeling of self worth in another.

      Sometimes good questions/intentions have no good answers/outcomes in the end.

    • profile image

      bengbeng! 5 years ago

      I'm going to do this one to my husband. I know he loves me. I just want to seduce him more and more everyday. That no one can. ;)

    • profile image

      rosa 5 years ago


    • profile image

      why women are scumbag 5 years ago

      No mention of love anywhere here. Makes me wish I were gay.

    • profile image

      lorraine 5 years ago

      Nice tips wish I read them 2years back,had a crush on my previous boss and I'm sure he had a crush on me too but he was married and was so scared of the wife, I had a boyfriend,till now I wish I had f****d him,coz the end result I was fired by the wife becoz he used to talk about me non stop at home

    • profile image

      De jeezril 6 years ago

      Yea,......ur advices made ma gal so gud to me am so hapi.I appreciate ur wonderful works keep it. up.

    • profile image

      shwan 6 years ago

      i knoew one girl she is married but she is interested in other men. she always seduce other married and unmarried men. she pose like she is a good friend of them but the final result of her work is men around her will forget that they are married, she is married , they have kids n totally they forget their responsibilities & invest all their interest on her. until now i didn't get what type of her husband? is he blind?

      deaf? dumb? i don't know. already so many people have lost their lovable ones b'coz of her. that woman is ARCHANA(9738024600) if u people have got aparted from ur men like others b'coz of this type of woman. just pray to god he will teach lessons to such a women n he will give to your life really what you deserve

    • profile image

      anon2012 6 years ago

      I've fallen in love with a married man and he goes back to his wife in 11wks as he is on a course atm. What do I do? Please help!

    • profile image

      Ryan ~ 6 years ago

      Laura, I haven't laughed this hard from a comment in a long time. Very funny! (I just read about a certain girl 11 weeks of pregnancy. (women with kids know EXACTLY what I'm talking about #joyofhormones) ;) She's going crazy with not enough sex from her husband.. ready to pounce on him every time he comes in the room. Poor guy :) I'm passing this article on to her. You women..and your agendas! :) ..being sooo coy--do-de-do-- actin like bills are on your mind... when you really just want your man to interrupt you in the middle of cooking dinner, bite your neck and fuck you right on the kitchen floor.. ;-) Funny topic tho! cute article. (gosh, I need one of these "seductresses" but I tend to be a bit intimidating... Just wanna catch one of them off guard for once and give her a good ravaging like she deserves. mmmm)

    • profile image

      Lisa Harris 6 years ago

      Some really good tips, especially the part where you talk about how to push his buttons.

      I think the main thing is understanding what men want. When you know what he desires, making him fall in love with you becomes way easier!

      Lisa Harris ~

    • profile image

      Lisa Harris 6 years ago

      Some really good tips, especially the part where you talk about how to push his buttons.

      I think the main thing is understanding what men want. When you know what he desires, making him fall in love with you becomes way easier!

      Lisa Harris ~ Wow LMH, a little disrespectful.

      This article raises some really good points and I'm sure it has helped many women. Sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction, and understand what men want.

      Lisa Harris ~

    • profile image

      blank 6 years ago

      uh uh h mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • profile image

      Senior 6 years ago

      I have know this man for two years, he is married but has cheated on his wife before! He only told me no one else. I asked him if he would have sex with me? He said he would, it's a good offer, he finds me attractive! Every time I get near him he makes me nerves. Every time he sees me; he does not want me to notice. I think I am falling in love with my professor, he is 32 years old but age does not matter! Every time we are alone he gets nerves, he can't sit close to me because he won't resist himself. I don't want to let him go, but I also don't know what to do):

    • profile image

      Alisha 6 years ago

      These are things I have done and it works, you don't have to use them on a taken guy, I haven't

    • profile image

      rinkey 6 years ago

      im in love with a married man for ten years.i did evry thing for him but he gvs preference his family over love always goes deeper than anything else

    • profile image

      Laurra lotta 6 years ago

      I love this soo mach... my husband is now so good at this, i am loving this tips, we both are now enjoying sex.... thanks for itt

    • profile image

      shawna  7 years ago

      Good comments and great ideas! I've always been a good listener and a very trusting understanding person, so with a good friend of mine, we've grown to care for each other but also work around our other lives. I ask him what is it about me he likes andhe can't put his finger on it... Its always " I don't know but there's something about you I care a lot about"

    • profile image

      mohit 7 years ago

      i am from india.u can seduce any man on earth by ur smile and ur me 07827540871

    • profile image

      Angelique 7 years ago

      WOW...i fell in love with my friend's husband. And now he absolutely adores me! Thanks for the tips!

    • profile image

      laura 7 years ago

      Well wow results in two min flat...on my own husband thankyou very much..he f****d me's what I wanted..;-)

    • profile image

      Lindie 7 years ago

      I agree these tips are fabulous. Had great Success with them just feeling worried a little bit tried it on my sisters husband just for fun to see if the principles will work now he can't leave me alone! well I geuss with great power comes great Responsibility!

    • profile image

      Lizbet PreTtie 7 years ago

      meh.....u are too fabulous

      theses tips are really working for me...thanks though..

    • profile image

      TuTu 7 years ago

      THis is BS...seriously girls, leave married men alone. Being a slut is only making women look worse then what men believe already. How would you like it if some skank did this very thing to your man? We need to stick together, not work against each other...give me a break.

    • profile image

      Alek Novi 10 years ago

      Nice. I like it. I (somewhat unwillingly) must confess that this does work. A men's ego is but a fragile thing, which is why I try to help men from the other side with my hubs.

      Nice job. Rated UP!