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Secrets on How to Attract a Girl and Keep Her Coming Back

Updated on May 6, 2011

Secrets on how to attract a girl, and keep her coming back for more (of you).

Keeping a woman on good terms is a widening issue most men face everyday. How can you guarantee that the bird will return after you let it out the cage? In other words, what are some sure-fire behavioral patterns you’ll need to adopt in order to keep a woman coming back for more?

This may actually depend on your date’s personality type, but here are five universal tactics you can run to the finish line with.

1. Keep her guessing. If you’re the first to call a woman on a date out of common courtesy, try to cut down the time you spend with phone conversations. Most men nowadays ring their dates up more than their date’s mom does. That’s a dating no no.

Instead, you want to tickle her curiosity. Make her think of you. Make her guess what you’re up to. Provoke her to fantasize, as this allows you up keep her attraction level boiling hot for you.

Don’t give in too easily. Even when she asks if you would like to hang out, don’t give in too easily. Let her know you have plans, and you better have plans. Find something productive to do, not just sit around all day at home playing games online, or emptying beer cans with the boys.

2. As real men, we should not revolve our schedule around keeping a woman company. I’m sure you have dreams, so bring them all to fruition. Make it happen. Live life as you envision it. A woman will see man that teems with ambition and will naturally be drawn to it. Women with class and standard are usually not disinterested in men with no passion, drive, or big dreams — it translates as not being able to provide.

3. Your plans should be counterparts to the rise of your future. Imagine your dream as a piece of painting. You must devote everyday filling it with strokes on color. You need to keep your eyes on it. It must be a masterpiece. Keeping your hands on the brush is synonymous to sticking to your ‘plans.’

4. You want to be a man that has a life outside her world. Again, women dig strong, independent, driven men.This may sound contradictory, but not showering them overtly with attention inadvertently ignites their attraction level towards you. Always keep things under moderation.

5. Keep your dates simple; there’s no need to embellish it with gifts in advance, nor go Shakespeare on her. Your focus should be placed on creating ‘unforgettable’ moments minus the extravagance. It could just come down to a killer-massage on her back, or completing a daring task together. Keep it simple, sweet, memorable. It actually goes a long way.

For more powerful methods on how to attract a girl, or the latest cutting edge tips on how to succeed with women, make sure you check out my other live articles available on here.

Here’s a toast to exploding your game!

Andrew Wang

Creator of Sync Dating, Instant Addiction Formula, and Verbal Playboy


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