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Secrets to Romancing a Women Online

Updated on April 7, 2013

Secrets to Romancing a Woman Online

Secrets to Romancing a Woman Online
Secrets to Romancing a Woman Online | Source

Secrets to Romancing a Woman Online

Secrets to Romancing a Woman Online

The secrets to romancing a women online does not take a scientist to figure out. It is mere conversation that will work if you try it.There is a typical; “HI” that a man usually says when he responds to women online. The secret to romancing a women online however are quite different. Several men just don’t get it. When you see a pretty women online in a dating website and you respond with ,”HI” or ,”How are You”, well cut the crap out cause she is fine.She is on there just like you are to find someone special. It’s a man's nature to talk to women differently than to another men, we are conditioned that way. As men we are usually reading business material, or how to fix our cars, or some type of literature that women could care less about.That has nothing to do with online dating and the girl you are trying to impress is clicking away webpages.That is a man's mentality and it has to change if he expects to attract a women online or in person. .

Have you ever tried to romance a women online. It’s not only a challenge to your brain it’s quite fun to do, and it’s all in good spirits. What I am trying to convey here is that women like those paperback, Harlequin Novels you see next to their bed. Maybe not all women read these, yet they sell out pretty fast from the bookstore. My suggestion to men is, if you don’t know what I am talking about, go to a junk store and look for these paperback books and read a bit of them. These are romantic novels, where the Prince comes in and saves the Princess type of books, these stories make for a great fantasy to convey to a beautiful woman as I have experimented on this for a few months online with potential women.

You do not have to be an author, instead use your own language to write to woman and start out by this example." I was swayed by your ad and though I understand your profile, it reminds me of a story," This is your lead in to start your romance novel with her, take it slow and confident and be ready to back up what you say if you meet this young lady, or she will rip you apart and know you were just trying to get into her pants. The novel approach is one of the most excellent approaches for both of you, Yes it feels a bit silly , but once you start writing this Prince meets Princess little nook, you will have her begging for more. The big deal is to not give her the full story on the first email or first chat session, give her pieces and ask her if she wants to know more, I always get the ,”Duh, Of Course more please”, and make sure you have a good ending , because that one has got me in a rut a few times .

Women like to be romanced, they were brought up to believe in fairy tales and such cool things as imaginary friends for their teas parties and stuff, remember when you were a little boy. Yes step back in time and think of the times we played jokes and how serious the girls really were with their stuff animals, and they were all seated at a little table having tea with this girl, maybe your sister did this. It still happens and in reality , men really like to be taken care of , yet women want the assurance that we will protect them , form all harm and take care of the bad guy that tries to infiltrate her our your family’s life.

If you get a Harlequin novel and approach the idea of writing your story to this girl you really feel strong about, this will work every time, Poetry is good also, I must not discount poetry, You may say that’s not me .To get a women you have to think like a women in terms of really what she wants, and dreams about in a man and approach her with these feelings in words are very strong to her. If you have skepticism with what I have said try it on anyone in the online dating area and see what happens, Bingo it works guaranteed, the only women I think this would not work on is a lady who just wants sex, and yes there are those who say the heck with him I want the bad guy , not a nice fellow. Well you can be both with poetry and using a romantic novel, you always need to come out courageous of course, yet include her into this fantasy life, and you will have made a new female friend, if not more than a friend. This is one of many secrets to romancing a women online tip that I have learned through the pick-up artist theories that actually work for both of you.


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