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Seduce your ex by playing hard to get

Updated on July 22, 2010

Playing hard to get is a way for some men and women to arouse interest from the other. This is a potent method which may work every time you would like to catch the attention of someone else, either to get an ex back or to attract a new person. The principle is to elicit some mystery and unpredictability. Regrettably, some people push the idea too far by making it almost impossible to be with them. This can be as damaging as being excessively nice and predictable, thus you must find the right equilibrium. Being unavailable sometimes is OK, but if it becomes excessively difficult for the other people, they will merely surrender and go after someone else. Playing hard to get is a way to make yourself more of value to the person you want to get back. Being available all the time does not make you worthful, because you are no more a challenge to your ex. He/she must not feel that you are easy to manipulate, otherwise you are not desirable anymore.

While attempting to get your ex back, you should also be different from what you were in your previous relationship. You ex must feel that he/she overlooked something the first time. You must exhibit some characteristics that will make him/her tick and be interested. For instance, you may dress a little different, with well chosen garments that will heighten your visual aspect. Or if you are a female, and did not wear makeup previously, perhaps this is the good time to give it a try. Go to a specialized store and ask for advice. For men, try some new perfume. This sort of alteration may appear insignificant, but this will actually be noted immediately. The whole idea is to spark off a renewed interest from your ex, and to show him/her that you are actually a much more attractive person than they previously felt.

However, the core of the game is your unpredictability. It means that your ex should not be able to imagine what you are going to do, say, or think. If you are too easy to manipulate, you lose all your value and become only some other tiresome person. It may be especially detrimental when dating your ex, because he/she has already been with you before. If you have nothing fresh to put forward, chances are that your ex will never be interested in coming back with you. On the contrary, if you are no more easy to read, you will trigger some concern and excitement. Do not forget that if your ex went away, he/she will not come back to retrieve the exact same person as before. By creating a kind of mystery zone, you introduce a challenge and make your ex wish to find out who you truly are.

Be careful however not to turn conceited and selfish. You should think of the hard to get attitude as a way to deserve the time of your ex, by providing him/her with excitement and challenge. The best way to act the correct way is to try to envision what kind of person you would like to be with if you were in your ex's shoes. You would likely not want to be with someone boring who always agree with you, but chances are that a too egocentric and difficult person would likewise make you head for the hills. Thus, try to put in some surprise, but stay courteous. Do not give too much, and let your ex slowly discover you once more. He/she must feel that you are now someone who must be deserved, and that getting back in a relationship with you would be a lot more stimulating than previously.

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      Greg 7 years ago

      Wicked advice! Thanks for creating this hub, I found this website was a great help to