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Seducing The Woman That You Love Now & Forever More

Updated on June 7, 2013

Introduction To The Art of Seducing The Woman That You Love

Obtaining the mastery of seduction is not a simple task. It is hard enough for guys to comprehend precisely the thinking of a woman, much less convincing her to devote her love to him. Most men love the challenge. They want to sweep a lady off her feet. On the other hand, a lady desires a man who will not only revere her, but also give her everything she dreams of in bed. Learning to be the male who achieves both is definitely an undertaking. Nevertheless it is very much achievable.

Romantic dates are good for reviving long-term relationships.
Romantic dates are good for reviving long-term relationships.

Tips On Seducing The Woman That You Love

1. Loving words can seduce the woman that you love

A lady enjoys being complemented by her husband or boyfriend. You do not have to exaggerate or overwhelm her with your praises. Simply make your compliments nice and easy. Say to her that her hair glistens while in the sunlight and how much you adore the curves of her body. She is bound to blush at your remarks and fall in love all over again when you make an effort to charm her with every word you say. She needs to hear how pretty she is. She needs to know how much you desire her and that you believe that she is perfect in every way. A woman wants to know that you that she is appreciated and wants to feel your sincerity in every word you say.

2. Show her how much you care by listening to what she says

Now that you invested the time to lure her by your words, spare the time to listen as she speaks. This is where many men fail when it comes to their ladies. Just as much as ladies love to express themselves, they also cherish the interest and attention they get. Her feelings and perspectives are important. Absorb yourself in them and remain ahead of the seduction game by bearing in mind all of the significant details of her conversation.

Spending time together is important for the success of any relationship. Cuddle talk or just cuddling is always a great idea.
Spending time together is important for the success of any relationship. Cuddle talk or just cuddling is always a great idea.

3. Be her Alpha man

Just about every lady desires a man, an authentic man who is able to both protect her and also ravish her with intimate passion. Enabling the alpha aspect of your personality to surface will be the driving force that pulls her into your arms. Rise up for her whenever she needs you; take charge of her body whenever she craves you. You have what it takes. So utilize your manliness to seduce her.

4. Always show her romance

Although it is important to show her that you will listen keenly to her and be her knightly prince, you still have a bit further to go. She deserves to be charmed with roses and treats. Give her flowers occasionally, simply because she's very special to you. Make constant eye contact with her, never be shy to look into her eyes. Give her a lustful smile from time to time. Last but not least, never forget the etiquette. Demonstrate to her the very same amount of kindness and courtesy that you did when your romance was young.

Take her out for a dance or a romantic event.
Take her out for a dance or a romantic event.

5. Seduce your woman with loving kisses

Simply the way in which you kiss a lady can easily determine if or not she'll roll in the hay with you. It's really a powerful thing. If you would like to up the spice in your commitment, reserve time to kiss your lady right. Mildly brush your lips across her face, caressing her using your breath. Kiss her lightly all around her body, and after that teasingly reach her lips with yours. You don't need to to kiss your lady intensely every time, just sufficient wet and affectionate kisses to leave her pleading for more. She'll be burning with need for you.

6. Entice your lady with gifts

Although you could possibly present her with any gift, endeavor to give her something amazing sometimes. Offer your lady a spa day on your expense to let her get her nails and hair done, along with a complete body treatment. Absolutely nothing seduces a woman just like pampering. Offer her occasions like this this occasionally, so as to make her feel truly special and valued. this is a great way of seducing the woman that you love.

Don't be sparse on romantic ideas. Adding things to the bedroom can set the mood for an eventful evening.
Don't be sparse on romantic ideas. Adding things to the bedroom can set the mood for an eventful evening.

7. Give her an occasional bath massage

Fill your bathtub or jacuzzi with tepid water. Then add Epsom salt, rose or lavender oil, almond oil and moderate bath soap. Put up a few candles or as many as you would like. Add a bottle of wine or champagne and a couple of wine glasses along with some chocolate, preference of fruits, sweet treats and anything else that pleases you. Be sure to set the mood by playing some romantic tunes in the background. Gently massage her with some of the rose or lavender oil combined with almond oil. Exchange kisses, sip some wine and tell your lady all that you love about her. This is an excellent way to seduce the woman that you love.

8. Support her hobbies and interests

A lady wants to be around a man who she will be able to completely share her life with. Love is significant to her, and you could demonstrate your love by sharing your time and interest. Think about participating in her hobbies from time to time. If you're unable to be part of it, show your lady some support. It'll seduce her spirit when you devote more time taking pleasure in what she enjoys most of all.

How do you seduce your love?

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Stay confident, remain in charge. Once you really love your lady, you're going to do what you may to show love to her. Sometimes ladies require some reassurance regarding their union as time progresses. Make an effort to point out to her just how cherished and respected she is. A lady ought to understand that you continue to love her intensely- much like you did several years ago.


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    • Ebonny profile image

      Ebonny 4 years ago from UK

      It's great when people remember to keep the love alive in the ways described, rather than taking their partner for granted. Thanks for sharing.