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Selecting the Perfect Wedding Venue

Updated on July 14, 2014

Selecting a Venue For Your Wedding

When selecting a venue for your wedding, you want to find the perfect place, one that both fits your style and accommodates your guests. Mostly likely, you already have an idea of what you like. You've thought about it way before you got engaged! For instanced, you may have envisioned getting married on a beachfront, in a garden or at a large church with stain glass windows. Perhaps, you desired to have a great room with an extravagant staircase.

As you search for wedding venues, you want to stick with what you love. Just keep in mind everything that makes the location the perfect spot. Besides the obvious (the cost), there are four additional factors to consider when scouting for the ideal location to say your I do’s and celebrate with friends and family. After comparing multiple places, you'll eventually find the one place that will allow you to transform your dream wedding into a reality.

Venue Location and Proximity

A good portion of your background for your photography will be from your actual location. For this reason, it's important to choose something that is visual appealing to you and complements the theme for your wedding. What is the scenery you are looking for?

Also, while on the hunt for the perfect place to have your wedding, you also want to give special consideration to the overall proximity to everything else. Ask yourself, “How far will most guests have to travel to get there?” You do want people to actually show up! Unless it’s a destination wedding, and everyone already expects to travel, it's in your best interests to find places within a reasonable distance. (Remember, it’s a courtesy to provide a list of accommodations for those coming from out of town.)

If you want to utilize more than one venue for the evening, be sure to consider the amount of time it takes to get from from point A to pint B. Some guests may not want to travel far between the ceremony and the reception hall.


Venue Size

Choosing a spot with the appropriate space for your amount of guests you have is important. You want to avoid a space that’s too small and makes people feel cramped. On the other hand, having too large of an area could make a party feel skimpy. Having a decent sized venue will allow for better air flow and will encourage people to walk the room to mingle.

In addition, if dancing is on the program, you will want to make sure you have a dance floor. You also want to make sure there is a decent space for your dj, band or other entertainment.

The Menu

If you are preparing your own food or catering in, make sure the venue you want allows for that. Some places only permit parties to eat from their menu. With that in mind, check out what the menu options are. If possible, taste samples of items on the menu. Whether or not the place has entrees you like or good food in general could possibly be a deal breaker.

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The cost of a venue may be a very big deciding factor, depending on your budget. The reception tends to be the costliest part of wedding planning. You want to find a place that will suit your liking, but won't be more than what you would like to pay.

Keep in mind that many venues have lower rates on weekdays or during earlier hours.

Date Availability

Once you have found a venue you like, make sure they have a vacancy for the date you want. Often, dates book quickly. It's a good idea to secure the date a well in advance (possibly a whole year in advance).The sooner you book, the sooner you can send out “save the date” announcements. Also, depending on your budget, you may need time to save up.


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