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Self Defense is NOT Abuse!

Updated on August 13, 2012

The glass shattered only 2 inches from Walter's head!

"Why do you make me do these things and make me so angry?" screamed Patty.

"I thought that maybe you would like that necklace" replied Walter. "I saw you admiring it in the store last week.

Patty shrieked, "Have you been spying on me again?"

Walter was past confused. He had noticed subtle changes in Patty's behavior the past few weeks and thought it would be a nice gesture to bestow this lovely, expensive necklace to his wife for their 15th wedding anniversary. He had been out of town but decided to surprise her and come home early and happened to see Patty in the mall looking at the necklace. .

After Walter came home early from work the next day, he heard Patty on the phone describing the necklace to someone. "It is such a beautiful and delicate topaz and diamond necklace. I tried it on and fell in love with it. It matched my eyes perfectly. I sure hope I can drop enough hints for him to get it for me." So Walter headed back to the mall to purchase the necklace along with some roses and chocolates.

Patty wasn't expecting him for another week but Walter's job finished early. He decided to pretend to be a delivery man and rang their doorbell.

At first when Patty opened the door, she was confused. What was Walter doing home? He was supposed to be gone another week! She had plans for the rest of her alone time-nothing that included her husband-far from it. She had an internet date that night!

Patty had been hooked on the chat room for over a year and Walter could not figure out how to get her off of them. She would not delete all of her history and Walter would read the lies she was telling these men. Lies that he would beat her and leave bruises. Lies that she had to wear excessive makeup to hide the marks he left on her body. That she was even afraid for their children's safety.

Walter had pushed her off him numerous times when she would physically attack him but that wasn't abuse-that was self defense. Was he just supposed to stand there and let her slap him and hit him and pinch him just because she was angry? At what point was he supposed to defend himself?

When Walter presented the necklace to her, she picked up the closest glass, a very heavy lead crystal goblet that had been a wedding present and she threw it at Walter's head. It hit the wall and shattered so hard that it left shards in the wooden wall. What had he done that was so wrong?

Patty finally confessed that she was expecting the necklace to come from her on line lover, Scott. Walter knew more about this one because Patty felt confident that the two men would never meet even though Walter knew much more about Scott than Patty knew that he knew. Walter had even contacted Scott and they had devised a sting for Patty. And Patty fell for it!

Walter calmly let Patty know that this was the last straw. That he would never make her happy and that he was going to leave her. Patty was floored and slapped Walter! Nobody ever walked away from Patty! If anyone would do the leaving , it would be her.

But Walter already had a plan...


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