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Self Sacrifice, A Gift of Pleasure, or A Punishment Upon The Unworthy

Updated on November 7, 2013

Truly Knowing Ones Self

Giving to others can be one of the most beautiful things a human being can do for another. Besides showing how much they care for someone or something they believe in, doing it out of sheer humbleness and sincerity is a feeling of self righteousness, and can bring upon pride, to give a feeling of accomplishment. When you give to another without thought, without explanation, or criticism, you become self empowered in good influential ways. The power of the mind is a strong tool, when kindness come into play it can be one of the strongest acts a person can do.

The Ultimate Self

When someone gives up the core of themselves, while leaving belief behind, as faith is an unknown power we must believe in to receive. It all comes down to us and what we want in ourselves and how we live with what we have to endure. Sacrificing Your life for another's needs and wants, can be selfish to the needs of your own, therefore not sacrificial at all just ignorant and arrogant.

When you give yourself completely in a way that doesn't compromise yourself, you allow the other person to feel like they are worthy of your act(s) of kindness, and can accept it with ease and not pity. Sacrifice doesn't have to mean painful departures of yourself, it can mean gifts of growth and wisdom to others learning on how to be better people.

The Gift Of Not Giving

Sometimes showing people through acts of kindness in ways such as emotional bonding, and mentoring and be more than a gift in its own right. People do not always need their behavior enabled, but to have some positive outlooks on their moral standing. If we can show each other through silent communication that we understand one another, we would tap into a psyche that is yet to be discovered.

By introducing the idea of physical telepathy, through visual behavior, is a topic that can be more understood through practice and exercise. You can truly pick up on peoples emotions, and aura by peering deep within the mind. Finding out what to give without giving anything at all, but attention to detail.

How Much Do I have to Sacrifice?

Being a good person and doing the right thing isn't always the easiest thing to be or do. When you make a decision for yourself to be a better person, you have to extract all the negative energy in your life. That doesn't mean cut out everything bad or the people that drag you down, it means embracing what is around you and striving to make change to a better atmosphere, and environment, so that the people you care for can see that there's more to life then hate, and that we are all in this together where we like it or not.

We can choose to accept our fate and live prosperous, or we can choose to ignore our life's challenges and and never reach any kind of enlightenment. We you keep an open mind to life, like a book you turn the pages of your story, and create something new each day on each page. When you close your mind or book have you, you create nothing and your book becomes dusty.

People will come into your life whether you allow them to or not, By showing them unconditional love and understanding, even if their not the greatest of people, will shine brightly inside and upon thyself in such a way people will start seeing how good it is to be thoughtful and mindful of others. Sacrificing small parts of yourself is very common when caring for others, just don't sacrifice who or what you stand for.

Is It Worth My Time To Give?

Many people take time out of their lives to give back, this is a subject I have yet to discover, In my personal opinion yes I believe we should all give to the less fortunate, if its something you believe in too, that's awesome, but others do have their points of view.

Some believe that they are just as needy, and Some believe they shouldn't give at all. With that being said, I can truly say that when you think of others before yourself, I believe in my heart, to be a divine perception on the preservation of life itself. When you think of others before self, it shows to all living things that you believe life is precious, and your will to sacrifice your own to show how much it means to you in a state of ultimate giving, worth of all the time of your life.

Your Thoughts On Sacrifice

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