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Sense of Belonging

Updated on November 27, 2013

Life of Love and Sense of Belonging

We live our lives each day, enjoying every single second of it, relishing the times we have with our friends, family and the people we love. But we all know that these people do not last forever in our lives. They soon disappear and will soon be forgotten. We have to accept the truth that we will forget and move on and that we may never know who we are going to meet next, but none will seem to last forever in our lives.

We all know the saying that"Nothing lasts forever". It is true, believe or not, deny it as much, but we know deep inside that it is true. Relationships don't last, friendships, and family, we all have to go in our own separate ways, to find ourselves, without them. Our own self stays with us though, in solidarity and through hard times.

These relationships we keep, the ones we cherish the most, the ones we love the most, we all know that these will be gone and that is inevitable. We can't avoid making a choice that will diminish and destroy the relationship we have with these people, there are also the natural way of losing a relationship such as death. An example of this is with our parents, even though we loved them and stayed with them, we know that they won't be there for us for the rest of our lives.

Our parents have been there in the beginning, at the very start of our lives. We already have a relationship with them at that start. We keep it because we need it; we need them, to stay alive. It is their responsibility to take care of us. Most of us go through with our parents during the tough times knowing that they'll be there. Our family protects us from the evil of th world. They are in fact the very first one that taught us what is right from wrong, and how to live a life worth living. They are our first inspiration. Family is the most important relationship we keep in our lives, but even this will be gone even though how much we try to protect it.

Friendships, is the one that we need the most in our social life. We have friends, always and everywhere. Even introverts have friends, even when you think that you don't have friends, you always will and always have friends. It is important to keep our friends close to us, thinking that they'll protect us and keep us safe. They will, they would do everything to save you, to make you happy, just like our parents, but they won't be there for us forever, they too will be gone, and will disappear.

Love, the one that keeps us living and makes us afraid of losing a relationship. We will find the "one" we love in our lives. We can't avoid that, we won't avoid that. We will see that single person that we would fell in love with and dedicate our life to love that person and in return that person will love us back. This is the relationship that we think would last forever and wish that would never change. Even this type of relationship will be gone from our grasp. One day we would ask ourself "Why did I chose this person?". We would try to protect it but the feeling would be gone and that person that we thought is the one, would be distant and be a stranger.

We protect relationships with our lives hoping that it will be there until tomorrow, next month, next year, forever. Even though how much we try to protect these things, it is inevitable that they'll be gone. We can't protect a relationship, it is the choice of the other to stay or to leave. We can't force them; we can't make that choice for them. We protect it with our lives, knowing that it's pointless, but that's what makes us human.

Why do we protect these relationships? Why keep something so fragile and so weak? Why love the people that will be gone? The answer is within us and in who we are.

We protect these relationships because we need the sense of belonging. The sense of being part of something, being part of a society, a family, a circle of friends. This keeps us going in life, even we know that it won’t last, we keep it, even we know its temporary, and we protect it with our lives, because without the sense of belonging we can't live, we can't enjoy life.

This sense of belonging is temporary, but it's not an illusion. It is there it exist and we feel it, it keeps us going because its real. This sense might be temporary but we make it last forever through our memories, we make it our own sense of living. The experiences we have the people we love makes it stay, makes it alive, makes it last through our lives.

We humans just don't live our own life; we live our lives for others. We sacrifice and bleed alongside we love. We learn to stop loving, but we live loving. We can't stay alone forever, we search for that someone, for friends that makes us feel special, wanted. It is a necessity, we can't deny friends. These things are not temporary, these things are alive.

We don't live alone, we are never alone, and there are people who love us more than they love their selves. In return we give our lives to them and dedicate to keep them happy. Our lives are with these people and with them our dreams and accomplishments, and with us are everything that they have, love.

"Our relationships may be temporary, but we keep it alive in our hearts, in our minds, and in our memories, and in each day we live we know that we are never alone, never forgotten and always and forever loved."


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    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Any type of relationship can be lasting until we die, and if we are believers, we will have that for an eternity! I have been married for 34 years and expect to be until I die. I had a relationship with my parents their whole lives until they die, but I will see them again in Heaven for eternity. I have many relationship that are unending and will last a lifetime, such as my children and grandchildren.

      You are right, we all do need to feel as if we belong.

      I am understanding even more so your answer on my soulmate question.

      God bless, Faith Reaper