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Sex And The Double Standard

Updated on November 16, 2009

 There's this double standard that exists, everyone knows what it is I'm referring to; the double standard that says men can sleep with whomever they please and it's just considered being a "man" while women get labeled because of their sexual freedom or lack there of. If a woman is comfortable with her sexuality and feel comfortable enough to express herself physically with someone, then she's labeled a "whore" or "easy", whereas if a woman isn't easy enough, then she's labeled "stuck up".

Where is the balance? It seems that there is no winning for women. Either you're going to give it up to the sexually hungry man and be called easy, or you're going to make him wait and be called a prude.

My opinion is that men don't control sexual relations, so it's our job to make women feel horrible about their sexuality. If you don't believe that women control sex, just watch how guys act when they're turned down for sex. Let's say a guy is at the bar with a young lady and they've been talking and the man asks the woman back to his apartment and the woman says no. The man immediately gets defensive, he may call her a name, and he walks away fuming. If we (men) could have sex whenever we wanted to have sex, then women would approach us for sex. If that were to happen, then I doubt there would be a double standard attached to women. One thing about guys is that we're very sly and very vengeful. We'll try every angle to get what we want even if it involves deceit.

I can just imagine the very first time the double standard was used to coerce a woman into having sex with a man.

Woman: "Honey I don't really want to have sex"

Man: "Cmon dear, (dramatic pause) don't be such a prude!"

Woman: "A what?"

Man: "(maniacal laughter in his head) A prude dear, someone who thinks that she is so much better than everyone else that she has to have her own way all the time."

Woman: "I'm no prude!"

Man: "(smiles) prove it..."

*Several minutes later*

Man: Well that was *easy*... (light bulb goes off)

That's my interpretation of how the double standard was invented... it was invented as a desperation act by men to have sex with a woman.

Anybody have any comments for that?


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      poetrykitty 7 years ago

      There's nothing that angers me more than this double standard. I wish it was dead. Its primitive. Biblical perspective: God created both men and women in his image. We are thinking, feeling, and highly capable beings. So if we are inherently equal, why must we females endure such repression? If I had a husband or boyfriend who coerced me by calling me a prude, it means he's getting the boot. My libido is pretty high, even though I'm not promiscuous. I tend to make sexual jokes with my friends and even still, other girls have called me a whore. That's what I really hate. The double standard is so deeply ingrained that women label each other in their competition for men!