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Sex, STD's, Unplanned Pregnancy & Aids

Updated on August 11, 2011

What Happened?

So, a patient goes to the Doctor and the following conversation ensues.

Patient - "Doc, it hurts when I do this"

Doctor - "Then don't do that"

Sure, you've heard it before and it's some what comedic, although not always possible, depending on the ailment. But as a society, where do we draw the line in saying "don't do that" for your own good. I need to state that I am a Christian, I love all people. Tolerance & mercy are Spiritual Gifts that I am SO thankful for, yet, at some point a line has to be drawn. It doesn't mean that we abandon or reject people, but it seems often there is a demand from some who could have "not done that", as the Dr said above. When mere avoidance could have stopped the situation, or even worse when it continues and is ongoing, change or outright stopping of the given activity is in order. Not a demand for money, research, supplies, medication or provision. Once again, I'm not stating that we "abandon" people, but there has to be some level of accountability.

Play With Fire, Get Burned

  Lets say that you want to have a fire, but you know you shouldn't have a fire because it's risky & dangerous and, you could get hurt or burned. If you decide to have the fire anyway (knowing the risks) and then not even bother to have a fire extinguisher on hand, then you likely asked for the burns you may get. So why is it that the "burn victim" is now the problem of a societal majority that didn't "play with fire", AND the few that did, brought an extinguisher. The irresponsibility affects others and nothing can be done to undo the damage caused, it's permanent.

Up In Smoke

Smoking causes lung cancer, yet, smokers aren't demanding that society fund research and find a cure for lung cancer, so that they can keep smoking with no worries. Smokers know that the best way to beat or avoid lung cancer is to NOT SMOKE. Could you imagine the outrage if they sought to make the activity "Risk Free".

People say that the difference though is that sex is a "natural desire", and that is true. However, eating is a natural requirement (not just a desire) and many, MANY people have to curb, control or gain power over their appetites, if they want to live. They must abstain from things that are bad for or will kill them.

We've made cars safer & safer, as well as teaching & encourageing safe driving. But, the reason we make cars safer isn't so that the foolish (risky) driver can survive a crash, it's so that the innocent people affected by the foolish (risky) driver can live through the fool's foolishness.

In The End

 When peril, illness, or injury can knowingly be avoided, but we as a society decide that people have no self control, so, we have to save them from themselves; we "upend" the law of natural selection (for all of my athiest & evolutionist friends). Aids in America could be eradicated in less than 2 or 3 generations with discipline. Yes, there are the rare and random exceptions, but our blood supply is now protected & tested and "preventative measures" are made well known. There is still the problem of sharing needles, but once again, this comes back to a known high risk activity. Avoidance is key.

 Everything addressed above is applicable to unplanned pregnancies as well, the number of negligent conceptions and rapes is miniscual. Most pregnancies are a direct result of foolish decisions, usually on the part of several people, often including the parents (of younger ones) who knowingly allow 2 teens the opportunity to be alone and have "free time". If the two weren't attracted to each other, they wouldn't be together, so don't foolishly "leave them alone" to fan the flames of attraction. I know this isn't 100%, there are other factors and by no means am I minimalizing the scenario of rape, but the rarity of an unplanned pregnancy being from something other than uncontrolled lust is minimal in the overall scope.

 As I said in the opening, I'm a Christian, I love and care about people, but a level of self discipline, respect and accountability has to be there. There are many others who are suffering from a myriad of other conditions, that they contracted through no fault of their own. How is all the time & resources, devoted to assistance for the results of sexual irresponsibility fair to them?


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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    • Jimm Bacon profile image

      Jimm Bacon 6 years ago from Florida

      Thank you so much, and I seriously thought of titleing this "Common Sense".

    • CMerritt profile image

      Chris Merritt 6 years ago from Pendleton, Indiana

      Something that I am a big fan of is: Common Sense. It seems as if it lacking in our Nation these days. Not sure what happened to it, but we sure need a resurgence of it, and we need it quickly.

      The Bible is full of "common sense"....yet, it is under attack by those who lack common sense.

      Hey, this Hub is awesome, interesting and useful....keep them coming, I am becoming a real fan of yours.