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Sex and Love Addiction Can Lead to Abuse

Updated on April 16, 2013

Innocent Suffering

Based on my first article, “Subtle Signs of Abuse in a Relationship ”, sex and love addiction are usually reflective of the signs of subtle abuse. In so many ways, many women are “programmed” from infancy to be what others want them to be. They are taught to be dependent on a man, to walk, talk, dress and cater to the man in their lives, sometimes simply based on the fact that they are the “weaker sex.” That is an age-old ideology, meant to reflect the old-fashioned perspective of marriage. That was a blueprint for marriages in my Grandma’s lifetime. It is no longer the early 1900’s.

Women have learned that if they have “sex” with a man, they might get love. Women do the “act” hoping to get the emotion. A lot of men learned to verbalize the emotion in order to get the “act.” Women have learned to “stand by their man” like Tammy Wynette did. She was the “good wife”, the image of what a wife “should” be. Little did we know that she was getting abused all along, until it came out around the time of her divorce. One major life lesson that was important in my lifetime is to never “should” on anyone!

If you have been caught up all your life in the addiction of sex or love, thinking that you “need” a man to be complete, that you can’t “live” without a man, or feel that you have no purpose or value as a woman without a man, here is some information that might help:

Please know there is no shame in taking the first step towards your own self-respect. Love shouldn’t be an addiction, it is meant to be pure and whole and positive and empowering. You can do it! I believe in you!


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