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Sex and Spirituality: Very Compatible For a Healthy Sex Life

Updated on February 19, 2013

Some people are surprised when they discover that along with our other spiritual products and services, we offer hypnosis and subliminal audios for better sex. Their idea of a spiritual lifestyle may mirror that of modern-day monks, nuns, and priests, so they can't fathom how sex would fit into the picture. A spiritual lifestyle to them does not, and should not, include sex.

For others, sex is an important part of their spirituality. For example, they may use tantric sex to connect with their partner on levels that go beyond just the physical. Personally, we feel that if you're incarnated on this planet, you may as well enjoy it to the fullest, and that includes (responsible, honest, and safe) sexual expression.

But it's not surprising many feel that sex is not spiritual or feel conscious or subconscious shame, guilt, or fear associated with it when you consider the influence of many organized religions' doctrine.

Traditional religious leaders have a long history of preaching that sex, outside of marriage, is "bad," "sinful" or "wrong." These beliefs originate from puritanical times when sex was not supposed to be enjoyed, even within a marriage.

Through past life regression research, we've found present-day negative unconscious feelings and emotions about sex can sometimes result from living one or more lifetimes of being punished for sex or otherwise having a unfortunate experience with it.

A 21 year-old acquaintance of ours, whom we'll call "Sam," reflects this dynamic. He told us recently that he doesn't want to have sex until he gets married because he feels it's dangerous and he'd rather wait for the love of his life. While this might be an admirable position to some, we refrained from telling him the love of one's life sometimes doesn't arrive until much later in life, and that he may be denying himself some potentially invaluable experiences.

Sam was raised by very religious parents and his outlook on sex has certainly been influenced by their fear-based views. However, he seems to feel an unusual amount of fear about casual sex.

While meditating, we spontaneously perceived what may have been Sam's most recent past life in which he, or the body his soul was incarnated into at the time, died in 1984 of AIDS contracted through promiscuous sex. Because of that, it's certainly understandable why Sam would have the intense subconscious drive to want to be (more) careful (this time).

Unfortunately, we also perceive Sam as someone who would be much more comfortable with sexual variety. He'll try to tame that desire and will likely succeed temporarily, but as we've seen happen before many, many times with others in similar situations, eventually the repression may result in unhealthy, even destructive expression.

Because of this, whether or not abstinence is truly spiritual, we believe, is debatable. Others seem to have a very free-spirited attitude about sex. They don't understand why a bare breast, a thong at the beach, or a sexually open relationship, for example, causes so much commotion. It's very possible that these non-conformists experienced lifetimes in past cultures where sex or public nudity was not considered "bad" or "dirty" but simply natural, fun, creative, and a major part of their happy lives.

What about karma, fate, free will, and sex, you ask? Based on our empirical research, one's sexuality and what is largely experienced in relation to it does appear to be karmic and predestined. But since you also have free will in conjunction with your personal fate, sex is as spiritual as you choose it to be. As long as you are acting responsibly, safely, and honestly, and you are not hurting yourself or anyone else in the process, you are not creating any negative karma.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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