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Sex in your forties

Updated on March 5, 2017
Sex in your forties
Sex in your forties

Everyone will get to the age where they question their sexuality. There are many articles and studies that have statistically shown a precise age in each gender that determines this. It sounds odd to some but many who are gay know this reality at a very young age. So what happens when you’re older and become more sexual than when you were a teenager?

Studies have shown that Males in their ages of 17 through early 20’s experience the highest levels of sexual desire. Females will experience this at a much later time in life; such as their 40’s and 50’s. There will be people who will debate those statistics.

So here is when all the relationship issues come about. You will have an older man who dates a younger woman; why? Is it a sexual? According to statistics men of older age won’t have the stamina a younger man does. So what is the attraction? Some believe it to be a mental satisfaction that a man of such age with a young female feels like “he still got it.” Although for some this may include some pharmaceutical assistance. Whatever the case may be there are older men who can function sexually with a younger female with or without any medication. So the statements on older men are not satisfying to some women perhaps may rely on who the woman is.

Sex in your 40’s and 50’s isn’t a done deal the way the media has made it out to be. So many commercials, advertisements, magazines, movies and studies have labeled it to be “troublesome.” There have also been “made for television movies on how an older woman seduces a young teenager.” Why because they make the character to be a mentally sick individual. When in reality there are many women who just happen to fall for a younger man.

When an older man is in a relationship with a younger woman it is applauded by his peers. When an older woman is in a relationship with a younger man it is frowned upon. Why? Why as a society are relationships labeled? Some women and men most likely feel good at having someone younger than them satisfy them in every way possible. It can range from a platonic friendship or a sexually intense relationship. Who are we to judge anyone’s happiness?

I strongly believe that a woman in her midlife age is very in tune with her sexuality. If she is comfortable with being involved with a younger man; more power to her. The same goes for an older man with a younger woman.

The reality of indulging yourself sexually with your partner; whatever age they are (as long as it’s legal) is your choice and no one else. Relationships that are mentally, emotionally and physically happy are the best to be involved in and should carry no shame.

So whether your 40, 50 or 60 and are involved with someone half your age and you’re happy; ignore the world, age is just a number so stay happy.


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    • Herlinda Rocha profile image

      Herlinda Rocha 13 months ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Yes by women. Sad but most definitely true.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 13 months ago

      "When an older woman is in a relationship with a younger man it is frowned upon." By whom? Other (women) and usually younger ones!

      I've yet to hear of an older man complain about an older woman dating younger men unless they feared the guy might be a gigolo.

      Most single older men are too busy pursuing younger women.

      In fact according to statistics older women outnumber older men on niche dating sites like "Our Time" and "Senior People"

      When Demi Moore married Ashton Kutcher it was (younger women) who were pissed off at her. Guys her own age didn't care.

      There was also no outrage with Elizabeth Taylor married Larry Fortensky (20 years her junior) or any of the younger guys that Cher dated.

      It seems only women frown upon older women dating younger guys as well as older guys dating younger women. Men don't care who women date.

      One man's opinion! :)