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Sexual Assaults Against Women in Tahrir Square, Egypt

Updated on February 9, 2013

Egypt has a problem. Well, many problems. The Arab Spring that the Egyptians are praised for is now being hijacked by Morsi and his Islamists in the Muslim Brotherhood and sexual attacks on women in Tahrir Square, where freedom was born.

Egyptian women and organizations are being vocal about, following the horrific gang rape of an Indian woman in December. Many women in Tahrir Square were sexually attacked and raped during the recent chaos in the square. Many of the women blame the police and the government for tacitly allowing it to continue in order to discourage women in demonstrating. On January 25th, 2013, 25 sexual assaults occurred in the square. One woman was 67.

The one case that sparked Egyptian women anger was the rape of Salma Shamel in Tahrir Square on that day. She was demonstrating when men suddenly attacked her and stripped her naked before each took their turn. She fought back and managed to cut one man. During the horrifying event, she was screaming and crying in a frenzy for help, yet no one came. Where were the police? She was later dragged through the streets naked. That same night, a 19 yr. old was raped in the same square and penetrated with a knife. She remains in the hospital.

Egyptian men are no different than Indian men. Neither seems to respect a woman and when a sexual assault is reported to police, there is indifference or disbelief the man is at fault.


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