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Sexy Nightgowns: Lingerie For Play and Sleep

Updated on March 4, 2009

The red silk and lace crotchless sexy lingerie he keeps trying to suggest be purchased as a gift for both of you, may not excatly be your style and although he probably could care less that you wear those flannel blue and green pajamas night after night, well those aren't his style either.

Keep it fun and interesting when it's time to turn down the lights. Consider wearing sexy chemise or babydoll lingerie nightgowns. If your used to the comfort and warmth your trusty warn out flannel pj's have given you, it may seem like a stretch to consider something new, but try it for just a few nights a week and you'll see quite quickly that bedtime has become much much warmer.

A favorite in my bedroom is the silky stretchy bold materials that look sexy but feel comfortable.

nightgown lingerie
nightgown lingerie

When Sexy Silky Pajamas Are The Only Option

If you are just not comfortable switching to a silky chemise or babydoll lingerie, there are silky pajamas that can still create a warming affect in the bedroom.

Always buy in your size and pick up the color that seems to be the favorite of your lover. Silky is important. Keep an eye out for the pajama top with the very very short shorts. Or just buy the pajama top.

Step It up a notch. Wear the Sexy Silky Pajama bottoms but Switch out the button matching silky pajama top for something a bit more revealing. A matching sexy cotton tank top can create a mood that will keep your bare arms warm. Look for breast supporting cotton tank tops with a lacy next trim for a very sexy very innocent look.

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