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Sexy Slim Bridal Babe

Updated on July 24, 2010

Feel and look wonderful on your wedding day

Keep hunger away longer by eating protein, like peanut butter on fiber crackers.

Fill up on fruit, like watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. Fruits that are full of juices, that will fill up your belly and act as a diuretic. Fruit is also low in calories, so you kill two birds with one stone. I know you need to save as much time and energy possible for wedding planning.

Speaking of low calories, being aware and watching what you eat will make a tremendous difference in loosing weight before your wedding. I keep a set of hand weights on the side of my bed, and I do a few sets while watching t.v. Think about how much exercise you can get in while watching a lifetime movie. Try this for one day, you won't feel bloated and you will feel lighter. So just imagine if you continue to do this daily. That's how I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks, use your wedding as motivation.

Food for Thought: soup and saltine crackers, salad, fruit, fiber keeps you full, nuts and almonds, carrots and celery snack pack, backed or grilled chicken or fish with veggies, low calorie fruit smoothie without the extras.

Effective and Easy Diet Tricks and Tips

Trick yourself into exercising by saying, I'll do it for 5 minutes. Five minutes turn into ten minutes and before you know it, you've put in 20 to 30.

If it's to hard for you to diet daily, try weekly. This way if you fall off, you will have a chance to make it up within a 7 day period. What was your calorie and exercise intake for the week? This will help if you had one to many cookies, you'll have a chance to balance it out, the rest of the week and still beat the battle of the bulge. Lucky U!

Have a treat in moderation, a little goes a long way. Just because you messed up and ate something you were not supposed to, doesn't mean throw the rest of the day away and binge. A great diet plan for your wedding weight loss.


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