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Shabby Chic Wedding: Ideas & Decorations

Updated on May 27, 2014
Shabby chic weddings are so romantic!
Shabby chic weddings are so romantic! | Source

Planning the Perfect Shabby Chic Wedding

Thinking of having a romantic shabby chic wedding?

The shabby chic style is rustic and unique, yet elegant and uninhibited.

The style and décor is established by taking antique pieces or items that appear to be older because of its distressed painting and tastefully utilizing them along with detailed motifs to create the ideal scenery.

Colors like whites, ecrus, soft shades of neutral tones, and pastels are used in fabrics, flowers, and decorations. Vintage patterns that incorporate flowers and pastel colors are also a great addition to the shabby chic look.

The final outcome is a very feminine, very romantic, and delicate theme that encourages guests to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Planning a picturesque and romantic shabby chic wedding is possible on any budget. The following are some amazing ideas that you can use, or take the ideas and add a little personal finesse to achieve a special desired look and feel. After all, it is your wedding, and it should feel and look like it.

Here are some shabby chic wedding ideas:

Shabby chic wedding table decorations.
Shabby chic wedding table decorations. | Source

Shabby Chic Wedding Decorations

Another one of the many cost effective shabby chic wedding ideas is to incorporate subtle details and decorations instead of opting for elaborate pieces.

Lovely Lace & Burlap

A burlap table runner with beautiful lace detail is a subtle touch with class and beauty.

Decorate chair with a lace or cotton ribbon for the splash of color without over embellishing.

Satin Ribbon

Another idea is adding the satin ribbon to the chairs at the head table and keeping the others plain.

This will help the head table stand out without having to think of other, more expensive, ways to make that happen.

Glass Jars & Bottles

Mason jars are other similar glass bottles, are multi-functional pieces, so stock up on these.

Glass jars and bottles can be used as vases and displayed anywhere and everywhere.

The jars can be used as cups, wedding favors, escort jars and so much more.

Tip: You can attach fabric, ribbon, and buttons to your jars to give them a unique shabby chic style.

There really is no limit as to how much can be done with a mason jar, and is a staple for any shabby chic wedding.

DIY Shabby chic table numbers.
DIY Shabby chic table numbers. | Source

Vintage Decorations for Your Wedding

Search for vintage boxes made of wood. These are great to set up at the reception or at the ceremony and place flowers, pictures, plaques, or any other item to be displayed on top of the boxes.

Tip: Add some delicate doilies on top of the box for a little touch of the shabby chic.

Use pieces classic pieces of furniture at the ceremony, reception, or both. A vintage cabinet can hold the escort jars for guests, the sign in book, or the card holder.

A finely distressed table can be decorated with beautiful flower filled mason jars and the wedding cake. The pieces of furniture can add that little touch of classic vintage to the shabby chic décor.

These shabby chic wedding ideas are only a few of the many cost-effective ways to make your wedding a vintage beauty that will remain an elegantly gorgeous memory for the rest of your life. It will be everything you dreamed of and so much more without having to cost a fortune to achieve.

Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas

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Shabby Chic Wedding Favors

Shabby chic does not have to resemble the typical wedding everyone is accustomed to attending. Think outside of standard wedding must-haves.

For instance, wedding favors do not have to be an elaborate, expensive, trendy item to take home. Instead try a candy table filled with vintage type candies in the color-scheme of the wedding.

Guests can visit the candy buffet and fill a bag, box, or other container with candy to enjoy at the moment or take home for later.

Tip: Guests typically prefer edible favors over novelty ones, like miniature frames or figurines.

The container can be as simple as a treat bag or maybe a small jar with a ribbon holding the bride and groom’s initials.

Either way, the cost remains much lower than the store bought wedding favors.

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    • Journey * profile image

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 3 years ago from USA

      The ideas in this hub are very nice. The shabby chic wedding theme is classic and fresh at the same time. Using many vintage items can really help with keeping costs low but the wedding reception will also have lots of unique flair and character. Voted useful.