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Various Shades of Heart: The Different Types of Love

Updated on February 13, 2014

1. Puppy love

Puppy love comes from the idea of loving someone like how a puppy shows his delight to his caretaker. Have you ever observed a puppy as a pet? Can you remember how his eyes reflect eagerness to catch your attention? The puppy is always around you as you roam around. He follows you. His face lightens up and welcomes you joyfully as you arrive home. He is wiggling his tail with happiness being with you. This is how puppy love is.

Other terms for puppy love are admiration, infatuation or crush. This kind of love is very usual to the young people. It could be a student admiring her student teacher, her seatmate, or her neighbor. Normally, this kind of feeling is a short-term. Sometimes, it happened to be the first love of some. Specially if the puppy love grows to a deeper level of love which is romantic love as time test the feelings we have for that person.

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2. Unconditional Love

"Love is blind," this quote describes best the unconditional love. Not everyone can give this kind of love as it takes a lot of patience, humility and effort. From the term unconditional, it means that the person loves another person no matter what happens. This kind of love is more on giving even the other person does not give; caring even the other does not care; and sacrificing even the other person ignore all of these effort.

This kind of love is admiring but can be pitiful at times. Admiring in the sense that you can give love to someone you don't know. Example is volunteer workers. They have the passion and love for the poor and uneducated person. They try their best to reach out and help in any way they can. On the other hand, this love is frustrating. A person who loves unconditionally will accept the person even if she is observing bad behavior from the person she loves. She will still love him even if he doesn't love her. This is when unconditional love can turn into a unrequited love. Loving someone without expecting him to love you too because you love him unconditionally.

3. Conditional Love

The opposite of unconditional love is a very selfish and self-centered love. This is usually how a narcissist love. He loves you conditionally if you have value for him. He loves you because he need something from you that only you can provide them. He loves you because you are doing him a favor but once you became useless in their eyes, they will stop loving you and find someone new that met their own standards. They have conditions that need to be met.


4. Platonic love

The kind of love that is nonsexual. It could be the love you have for your relatives, parents, siblings, friends and neighbors.

Sometimes, platonic love between friends of different gender can turn to a romantic love. A girl with a guy friend can establish a platonic relationship at first, then eventually will fall in love with him or vice versa.

We have heard a lot of stories of marrying their best friend after some time.

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5. Brotherly Love

The love and care you have for neighbors or strangers. Showing them your love by lending an ear to their stories or being there whenever they ask for help.

This brotherly love is more common by helping a person within your ethnicity.

6. Romantic love

Loving with passion, desire and intimacy. The kind of love you want to spent with during Valentines and special occasions of your life.

7. Love for Country or Patriotism

Long time ago, our ancestors show their love by having a revolution against the conquerors. They sacrificed their lives to achieve freedom for their country.

Not all people love their own country. Philippines National hero Jose Rizal has a famous quote for those who does not, "He who does not love his own language is worse than an animal and smelly fish."

For those who does, they do it by using their own language. Japanese are known to show respect and love to their language by using it and not being focused in using other foreign languages.

Other ways to show their love to their homeland is by using most of the products made from their country or composing patriotic songs about how wonderful their country is.

This is an example of unconditional love.


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