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Shake it baby and show me a lap dance

Updated on February 14, 2011

Want to make him or her completely crazy? Then here are some tips for you! It's not just what you're doing in bed that counts, but if you know how your partner can be teased here’s something that will never be forgotten. Shake it baby and give a lap dance!

Put a nice piece of music on,  a glass of wine or glass of champagne ready on the table, the first aid kit in the kitchen just in case and dim the light. Let him sit on a comfortable chair and tell him that you have a surprise for him.   And for you ladies who aren’t sure that they are flexible.. maybe you should practice first. Practice makes perfect(even though some of you will need to practice a lot, like my grandma who performed this on their 50th wedding anniversary)

Move 1 The circle

Stand approx 60 cm in front of your partner, with your feet about hip-width apart and your toes pointing outward. Begin by rotating your hips in a circle while you keep your back arched. Now slowly bend your knees and bend down as far as you feel comfortable, and then come back up again while you continue moving your hips . The most important thing is that you keep your back straight now. Because If you're leaning forward your partner might be thinking he’s watching a sumo wrestler.

Move 2 The turn

 Lap dancing is all about showing what you have, so remember that you turn  and rotate your moves regularly. For the best effect you need to move slowly. If you practice find out which direction feels the most natural to you. Don't be worried about how you do it. Take small steps and make sure that The Turn, of course, is a part of the dance.(without breaking a leg or something) Keep  your hips moving and use your arms too. Keep as much eye contact as possible and do this with your most sexiest look of course.( sorry mom, this will not work for you)

Move 3 Slap

Stand with your back towards him with straight legs( okay, as straight as possible), and hang slightly forward, look over your shoulder at him and slap yourself gently on your butt. Guaranteed that this makes him laugh.(if he isn’t pissing his pants already) If this  doesn’t work you can also slowly bend forward , your  lovely butt  towards him. Bend a knee aside and keep the other straight to the other side. Let your hand glide over the straight leg and look at him over your shoulder. Slap your rear hard and repeat it again for the other side.( even red butts look much nicer)

Move 4 The lapdance

Dance on to the open legs of your partner and stand with your back turned to him and with your feet together. Make sure you get as close as possible to the chair. Now bend your knees, keep your back straight and gently put your hands on your partners knees. Slowly move your butt down till you feel his lap. Then, while you put your hands on his knees ,bend down, move your hips in circles to front and rear. Look over your shoulder while you do this, if  you can. This is a bit difficult.  O by the way Do be extra careful if you do this, you could hurt him. ( or you hurt yourself when you move your head to fast) 

Move 5 the chest

Every woman has her own personal scent between her breasts(okay, some men too), whatever size they are or whatever perfume is used. It can be a strong aphrosodiac. So this step will guaranteed to make your lover steamy.

Slowly move  in the space between his knees. Stand with your legs straight and lean gently forward and put your hands on each side of the seat or on the knees of your partner. Once you’re in  the right position, press your breasts in his face; his nose must end up in your décolleté. For extra effect you go from it to it, and then tap the tip of his nose on to your bra or nipple. What do you mean by being provocative?

Move 6 The knee strokes

look at your partner, stand between his legs,as close to the chair as possible. Place your knees in the space between his crotch and the edge of the seat. carefully put some  pressure against his groin with your knees. Lean towards him and blow gently in his ear or on his face. You even could exchange a little champagne fro mouth to mouth  or let your lips tough his a little bit .can also get a mouthful of wine or champagne with him Exchange from your nipples to his mouth. You could also try this; Look at your partner and put one of his knees between your knees and rub gently over his thighs from top to bottom while you lean a little forward. This is a wonderful sensation.

Move 7 The body slide

Dance between your lovers thighs lean over and put your hands on the back of the chair. Put a knee on each of his thighs, adjust your torso and slide your knees in the space between his cross (careful here) and let your body slowly, slide all the way down to until you're knelt down on the floor for him. Than stand up to using your lovers knees and lift yourself up. First push your lower section forward and throw your hair in his face while you lift your upper body.

Bet that you will have a nice evening.

 So everyone.. DO try this at home!

And before I forget.. I love to see your home made video if you try this... I can put it right here if you want to. Let us all enjoy this :D


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    • Kenja profile image

      Ken Taub 4 years ago from Long Island, NY

      what a fun gal. you rock.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great I enjoyed the cool video and dancing is one of best pass times.

    • Drivin Instructor profile image

      Drivin Instructor 6 years ago from Uk

      lazur you are working awesome !

      I like the way you have teach the belly dance in easy steps :D

      I like the monkey step ;)

    • Randy Behavior profile image

      Randy Behavior 6 years ago from Near the Ocean

      Lazur this was a hoot. I'm afraid I lost all composure in step three when I started slapping my own ass while still trying to look sexy. Not possible for me I guess :D