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Shameful, Slutty Brides or Misguided Children?

Updated on November 29, 2017

Most little girls look forward to their wedding day. They dream about beautiful white wedding gowns and being escorted down the aisle by their dad. Young women pour over wedding magazines and examine the gorgeous designer gowns, visit the Internet sites that carry bridal wear and plan endlessly for that big event in their lives.

The white wedding gown used to symbolize purity and sweetness. Wedding dresses were styled modestly with perhaps lace, beading, seed pearls, and embroidery. They were designed to present the bride at her most feminine and lovely self, as Daddy's sweet little girl sort of thing.

Lovely Bride, no longer?

Shock and Appall

These other women who feel the need to dress like street walkers on their wedding day must go out of their way to fashion these gowns to shock and appall. Is that what many young people are all about today? Shock, appall and exhibiting themselves, even going so far as sending photos of their private parts into space? They seem to scream, "look at me, look, look, won't anyone look at me?” It is tragic that some young people feel so worthless that they are compelled to make such grotesque fools out of themselves.

What were you thinking?

Yes, you will want to save this photo for your children.
Yes, you will want to save this photo for your children.

Designed to Shock?

Looking at photos of some of these women in their wedding attire one might feel an overwhelming sense of sadness. That our American culture could spawn such complete lack of taste and such vulgarity is overwhelmingly depressing. It raises questions. Where are the mothers of these women? How could they allow a daughter to wear such a gown even on Halloween? What father would want to escort something so trashy down the aisle? What kind of man marries a woman with this colossal lack of taste? Even scarier, what kind of daughters will these women raise?

It seems like there are two separate cultures in America. As a florist for 20 years I saw many wedding gowns, but never anything like these women wear. Also if you go to one of the popular sites such as David's Bridal, you will find lovely modest gowns. Hopefully most brides choose those gowns.

According to her tan line her swim suit was more modest than her bridal gown.
According to her tan line her swim suit was more modest than her bridal gown. | Source


OK, I'm old and stuck in the past, but life was a lot calmer back when I was young and girls would rather die than expose their bodies or get pregnant out of wedlock. And wearing a wedding gown over a pregnant belly was simply not done.

Just sayin.

Ending with this gorgeous bride and gown.

YES! That's what I'm talking about.
YES! That's what I'm talking about.


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