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Share experience of Guangzhou metro

Updated on August 14, 2016

Guangzhou China travel destinations is the impression in the region. Here visitors have not only been visiting "shopping paradise", but also admire the flower city, China's busiest. Trip to Guangzhou and save then you should select transportation by Metro (subway) and bus. However you need to have the experience of Guangzhou metro ride to avoid the hassle.

Experience of Guangzhou metro

The instructions go on bus travel in Guangzhou

The bus system in Guangzhou are quite common but have a bit of inadequacies for the visitors, because all the signs are in Chinese and Latin alphabet No. So the travel experience by bus in Guangzhou is you can use google maps to find the appropriate bus.

You can find the bus bus search guide way online in Guangzhou:

You can use the 3 g sim card when buying in China gate then Online and check in, when it is finished running you into the function Get Directions to find the bus you need.

Experience of Guangzhou metro
Find the route on Google maps
To know the specific cruise route all of the leg you can visit Here you have the list of bus routes in Guangzhou runs, when click on each route takes out a map of the car running. According to the Guide and ride the bus in Guangzhou, then you should zoom in online car to clearly see the car run over the way then you will easy to find the appropriate vehicle for themselves.

According to the Guangzhou travel experience by bus details, then you will lose 1-2 when moving by bus. According to the Guangzhou bus ride experience then you will lose 1 for 5, 2 stop when you go over 5 stops.

According to the Guangzhou tourism experience save for then you should travel by subway to visit Guangzhou. Subway system in Guangzhou very modern so you are very easy to move.

The path subway system in Guangzhou has about 8 line and many other accessories line. Each line will have a different message. The ship will run the letter Led and informed speakers coming to the point. But the ship has the green signal lamps table runs to the next point will quote the green light.However the ship will not notice, so come experience the Guangzhou metro then you should look outside to see the signage, or can rely on the map and count the Ga that I went through.

Travel guide of Guangzhou metro
The system of Guangzhou metro
The Guangzhou Metro fares:

With 8 line, the official ticket price will be calculated based on the km where you go, about 2 to 10 currency currency. Usually there are two types of ticket:

-The ticket as long, odd and only ticket under section

-The ticket user Smart Card and used by month

According to the Guangzhou travel experience full, save costs, then you should buy a Single-trip ticket, the ticket is only valid for the day, which is a plastic chip with coin card.

Guide to buying subway tickets

Come experience the Guangzhou subway, the Metro before you go, you need a subway map and a tourist map, google maps. You will then collate the two map together to know you will go to. This is also a note when the Guangzhou subway. You can map in the hotel where you stay.

Guide the steps of Guangzhou metro tickets

-Find air ticket sales line automatically if ...
-Select a language English
-Select the line that you want to go (before the select line must know its going and that point near line?).
-Choose the score that you will come.
-Select the number of people (the number of people going there on the right, select the finished machine will count out of money).
-Payment for paper money or coins on the door (there will be some air does not get money because most of the ticket or a problem, you can try a different machine).
-Get tickets and money.


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