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She Saves Me

Updated on April 10, 2017

She saves me a little everyday. I'm so tired, in so many ways

She is all that gets me through most days.

Every day a constant fight. Why not give in to eternal night?

But she is there, and our children three.

For them I must resist eternity.

So I fight on, I fight strong, and I fight though the days so long

And she saves me a little more, another day with her hearts sweet song.

Time is my constant enemy. Minutes drag to hours of torment when we are apart.

When we are together the hours seem as seconds to me, over before they start.

I do not long for death, suicide is not in my mind. I just get so tired of being behind.

Sometimes it seems just to breathe is a horrible chore.

But she is there to comfort me, and save me a little more.

She loves me despite the darkness in me.

Somehow she brings out light, that in myself I can not see.

Yet another way that she saves me.

My heart soars in her presents, and drifts aimless when she is away.

My return to her ,the goal of every day.

I will love her until the grave. If she will have me that long.

My life filled with her heart's gentle song. Maybe some day she will save me enough.

For my dark heart to join hers in the light, and sing along.


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