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She Will Change the World

Updated on November 10, 2016

She was as beautiful as Rose,
She looked perfect in everything she wore.
She had the determination to change the world,
But she forgot that it is Male Dominant world.
She had the Quality to achieve heights in her career ,
But she never realised that society will come in between as barrier.
She wanted to fly high in the open sky,
But she forgot that She needs to be shy.
She wanted to give her parents a beautiful life,
But she forgot that after marriage her husband's family will be her life.
She wanted to spread rainbow of happiness.
But she never realise that in this world she will loose her craziness.
She wanted to grab the opportunities,
But she forgot that She have lots of responsibilities.
She wanted to Scream and cry aloud,
To find the answer why for boys everything is allowed .
She wanted to run away and make a new world,
But she never realised that life have lots of curl.
She needed someone to understand her,
But she forgot that no one is real for her .
She was asked to marry at twenty three,
Afterall everyone wants to get free from responsibilty .
She wanted to fly as high as possible,
Cause for her nothing is impossible.
One day She will change the real world's photograph,
And you'll be the one standing in line to get her autograph .


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    • profile image 16 months ago

      Great blog

    • Anisha Vyas profile image

      Anisha Vyas 20 months ago from Jodhpur, India

      Thank You :)

    • profile image

      manC 20 months ago

      I LIKED IT :)