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She loved with Heart & Soul

Updated on May 31, 2011

This story is about a girl who sacrificed head and heart for his love. I met her roughly around eight years back. She was a very simple, motivated, sincere girl. She was working in the same company where I started my career. She was on the top in hierarchy. I never use to like her in the beginning as everyone in the staff made me scared about her as they said she is very strict, rude etc. But when I came in direct contact with her she was different, she was strict but for those who don’t like to do their work but love to gossip and pass time at companies cost.

Coming from a middle class family, she is eldest child, having three sisters and very loving parents. She was happy in her life with them. The only dream she was having in her thoughts was to give all happiness to her family and give good education to her sisters and stood for her family.

But life had something else for her in pipe as she came across a handsome man, who met her in the same company. As she was very sincere and devoted employee of the company, her boss started liking her and slowly she came closer to him but that wasn’t the end as she fell in love with him. It was not very simple relation as he was already married. But as we all know love is blind she didn’t cared for anything, all she was concerned about her work and few happy moments with him. Slowly, she became one with him and they started planning everything together.

The man had big dreams and she stood with him to fulfill them, she didn’t care about anything right or wrong. In professional life all is not in your favor forever. Many time very tough situations arise. Here in their story same happened. Both were always together facing all, what was coming in their way. She never turned back in any situation but always stood firm with his man.

On contrary, his own lady never dared to stand with him rather was feeling ashamed of all happening. Being close to family, I often listened words those were not very supporting for her husband.

Time keep on adding new chapter in life. Here another chapter was opened by happenings. She got married somewhere, where as she was in love with someone else. Married relation of 2 years was full of pain, sorrow and torture. She lost her faith in the world. She ultimately decided to come out of unwanted married life.

She is once again standing firm with his man still without any hope for future for herself.


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