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Sheepskin condoms (or lambskin condoms). Are they safe?

Updated on February 18, 2011

In this article you are going to find information about sheepskin condoms and their safety, advantages, disadvantages and a bestselling lambskin condom on the market.

What are they made of?

They are made of a sheep intestine and because of that, these condoms has some special features. Sheepskin condoms, also known as lambskin condoms are the oldest kind of condoms. They are made of a sheep intestine and because of that, these condoms has some special features (mentioned further in this article).

So, are they safe?

Well… Yes and no…

Yes, because of…

Intestine membrane (which they are made of) has some very small pores. Those pores are small enough to prevent spermatozoids coming thru. Effectiveness of lambskin condoms against conception is the same as the effectiveness of condoms made of other materials. With a proper use, pregnancy rate is 2% per year. To make this clear, “2% per year” means that 2% of women who have been using only condoms as a contraception method during one year got pregnant.

No, because of…

Pores mentioned above, are not small enough to prevent microorganisms for coming thru. Because of that, as a protection against STDs, sheepskin condoms are not reliable. Actually, it is said that: “ they have been clinically shown not to necessarily keep out STDs”

Lambskin condom- NaturaLamb
Lambskin condom- NaturaLamb

What are advantages of sheepskin condoms?

They are made of natural material, so they are hypoallergenic. There is a significantly smaller chance for developing allergic reactions to lambskin condoms then to latex condoms. For people with latex allergies, those condoms are one of choices.

They conduct body temperature much better and they are very thin, so genital stimulation during sex is better when using these condoms, then latex ones.

Oil based lubricants can be used with lambskin condoms, unlike latex (oil based lubricant can dissolve latex condom). Lubrication with oil based lubricants is much more pleasurable, because this kind of lubricants doesn’t mix with body fluids and therefore, are much more sustainable.

Sheepskin condoms are eco friendly.

When to use lambskin condoms?

Because of their inefficiency against STDs, they should be used only with a trusted partner.

If any of the partners has some allergic reaction on latex condoms, then sheepskin condoms are acceptable alternative.

It is adventure worth trying, so if you are looking for some innovations in your sex life, then this kind of condom could give you quite exciting and different feeling of sensitivity compared to a feeling with a latex condom.

Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms

This is the most popular brand of lambskin condoms on the market. Each condom is tested for the best performance. Each of them is well lubricated and has Kling-Tite band that prevent condom to slip off. In the package, there is a detailed instruction how to get maximum pleasure of NaturaLamb condoms.

A user of this condoms said:

I have to say before trying these condoms my favorite thing for lamb was on the grill with garlic and rosemary but not anymore. I was a little skeptical about these based on some of the reviews, but have to say "best condom ever".


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