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Shopping for the RIGHT Engagement Ring

Updated on September 13, 2017

The Dress will be worn for a few hours... the Ring will be on her finger for life, a message of your love...


Planning to get engaged?

One day, most men do it: They pop the question to the woman that they love. Sometimes it comes out by accident, as you are sitting back and relaxing after dinner... sometimes it is planned out, step by step, months in advance. Which style will you choose?

The day a woman gets engaged is a day that she will remember for the rest of her life, no matter how you take the plunge and 'do it'. She will tell her mother, her sisters, her friends -- heck!... most women will even tell strangers down the isle of a grocery store! Do her a solid, make it a story that she can treasure and gush about!

So just what kind of ring will you be hunting for?

In today's market the way of the round half carrot diamond, set in a simple gold band are out the window. Engagement rings now come in so many varieties it is easier than ever to find just the right ring that expresses your love for her and the personality that she glows with. Round, square, old, new, inherited or lucky find. The market is full of rings in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles and colors.

Does she love antiques? Start with an antique style band.

Does she live for the color pink? Yes, some women do! Maybe seek out a Pink Sapphire... they are elegant, beautiful and all around stunning!

Are her hands super tiny? Or does she have long elegant fingers? Make sure that the ring matches! Too often men will go big, or go home... but if your future bride is four foot nothing, with little midget fingers and you go ahead and get the biggest, clunkiest - may I add, rock out there it is going to dwarf her small frame and could easily be a burden. Go for beautiful, not gaudy!

Quick Question (act like a woman and answer it, ok?)

What does her engagement ring mean to you?

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Does she come as a package deal? There is a ring for that!

In today's modern world, it is more common than not, that you might be taking on a new bride and the children she loves. If this is the case, incorporating the children into your life time commitment is important. You can't sit them on a shelf or lock them into a closet, though the thought crosses every parents mind now and then...

So you are marrying their mother AND you are marrying them (in a round-a-bout way). So how to you start off on the best foot? With a ring that shows that you are in it for the long term, with her and them!

There are amazing 'Family Rings' out there... so find one that has a stone for the 'engagement' and a place to showcase gemstones for each child <3 It is a win-win, for you, your future fiance and the children that will be looking up to you as a role model.

What do you think?

Do you think that a family ring is a good idea for an engagement ring?

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Picking the Metal

Gold is by far the most common metal material for a wedding ring, and most commonly comes in a Yellow, White or Rose color. The benefit of Gold is that it is easy to size and is less likely to cause skin irritation. The higher the gold content, the purer the gold.

Secondly is silver, which will get an aged look as it gets exposed to the elements. And though this may sound like a bad thing, it is in fact the opposite. As silver gets it's patina as the years and decades go by it adds to the beauty. So you can say a silver ring will get more beautiful as the years go on.

Picking the Stone

Diamonds... a girls best friend? Most of the time they are. But why is this? Simple. It is our conditioning as to the standards that society has governed. But should you buy a diamond for your future bride? Or go the less traditional way and go with an alternative stone? That will all depend on your budget, your preferences and of course: to the woman who will be wearing the ring!

Non-Diamond Options Can Include:

  • Moissanite: it easily outshines diamonds and can withstand a lot of life
  • White Sapphire: They are just beautiful
  • Her Birthstone: By far makes it more about 'her'
  • Cubic Zirconia: But note; they will show signs of scuffs and wear over time

Let her ring be the sunshine in her day...


So where is a good place to get the ring?

The best advice that any man can get is to go to a Jewelry Store, have a GREAT look around, get some advice from the sales rep and then to WALK OUT! Jewelry stores have a long chain of people who need to get paid along the way -- all of the ring that you are looking at buying, which drives up the price.

Once you get a visual on what is out there go to the internet and start searching. eBay and Amazon are great go to places that allow you the selection that you need and offer the prices that will save you money! The best of both worlds, and you won't be getting gouged!

Happy ring hunting!


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