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Should I Go Out With Him?

Updated on February 29, 2012

Should I date him?? So, I think every or most of you girls have been in the situation where you meet that super hot guy, Right? He seems oh so sincere and very sweet..but what are his intentions? Sometimes it's hard for us girls to see or pay attention to the signs we normally pay attention to when we meet a guy that is completely Adorable...Sadly, this has happened to me 3 times before I got it right! Same old Stuff, Different guy...and I am not a dumb girl..I saw the signs..everytime! but didn't take action..So, I am here to help you girls break the cycle before it begins! Here's some advice that could save you some heartbreak ..and the actions you should and can take...

#1: The First Date

So you gave this Sexy man your Cell..You guys are texting back and forth...finding you have a couple "Crazy" things in common and most likely some of the same interests..You've been flirting for a couple days and Finally he asks when he gets to hang out with the Beautiful girl he's been texting the last few days? Make this guy take you on an actual date! Do not go to his house so he can cook for you, or show you the land that he lives on, or watch a movie..Do not go to the park or the Zoo! If he is truely after you and has good intentions, he will take you on a date! and please girls..No Making out!!!

#2: His Intentions

O.k. so even if you messed up with #1, you and this hot man may still have a long as you didn't let him get in your pants..and I'm sure if you are like me..he didn't! You guys did after all have a pretty great time he texts, calls or possibly Facebooks you after the date and tells you that "It's hard to find a girl as cool and as beautiful as you'..I had a great time with you." or something very close along those you immediately..because this is how us girls think..this man is looking for a Girlfriend..Right? Never Ever Assume that this guy is looking for a relationship!! At this point you still Need to assume that this man is trying to get into your pants! So, by this point this guy better be calling you on the phone in addition to the texting and facebooking..because if he's not...go with your instincts..there's Always a reason why..

#3: Take Everything Slow

I know when a guy with a sexy bod puts his Sexy arms around you and starts kissing you with his beautiful lips and tells you that you're sooo Beautiful..that it's very hard to stop making out with him...Trust me I know! but you need to spend more time talking with him and getting to know this guy before you let him have you like that..If he's not willing to spend the time getting to know you..He's not worth your time! Make him tell you stories about him when he was little, about his family, his pets...ask him what his middle name is, his favorite color, his religion!  It is o.k. to make out with the guy..just make sure you are taking lots of conversation breaks..and if he's uncomfortable answering any of these questions...RUN!! or just stop making out with him!

#4: SEX

DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH A SEXY MAN UNLESS YOU ARE IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP! I will gaurantee you, If you let this man in your pants before you have the "Are you my boyfriend conversation" this relationship has NO Chance! and I know that today it's hard to know if you are actually in a relationship..Check your Facebook Status! or Just have the conversation!

You are a Beautiful Woman and this guy would be Lucky to be with a girl like you!


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