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Should You Go For That Office Romance? 4 Reasons to Date that Cute Co-Worker...and 4 Reasons Not To

Updated on September 23, 2015
We'll never let anything get between us...except a Macbook.
We'll never let anything get between us...except a Macbook.

Considering an Office Romance?

If you're a hard-working young professional trying to make their way in the world, you might be spending more time at work than you do at home, and your social life may have suffered as a result. Oftentimes, the only occasion where you may have extended human contact is at your workplace, so it's not too surprising that sparks may fly when you meet other single people there.

It kind of makes sense, if you think about it. If someone has a similar job as you in a similar field, you're bound to have a lot of things in common. Office romances are bound to happen sooner or later.

Of course, there's both a light and dark side to this kind of relationship, so you should take into consideration the pros and cons before you dive in.

The Pros of Dating Your Fellow Co-Worker:

1) You don't have to take an extra time out of your day to get to know new single people, since you're already doing that at work as it is. Depending on how large your company is (or how much turn-around there is), you may be seeing new faces all the time.

2) You don't have to worry about awkwardly introducing yourself to someone out of the blue, because you'll either be introduced by someone else or have a perfectly valid excuse to walk up and say hi.

3) You get to know your prospects before you hang out with them in a personal or romantic context. Sure, people don't always show their true colors at work, but at least you'll have more of a feel for them than you would someone you met on a dating site, or someone you were set up with by a third party.

4) You have a certain guaranteed amount of time you will always get to see them. Since both of you inevitably have to go to work, your prospect can't run away from you quite as easily as if you didn't work together.

The Cons of Getting Entangled in an Office Love Drama:

The Cons:

1) Maybe seeing each other ALL the time isn't such a great idea, and this can become a problem particularly if you spend a lot of time at the office. People need space in a relationship, especially in its beginnings, or it can get too intense too quickly.

2) Sometimes your lover can out-rank you. This means that he or she may be called to bring the whip down on you from time to time, or even to give you a figurative slap on the wrist if you're slacking on the job. Unless this sort of thing gets you hot and bothered (and it does for some people), it probably won't enhance your relationship if power differences at work come into play.

3) Personal drama could co-mingle with and become office drama. Sometimes personal relationships can be a corrupting element in a professional environment. Watch out; some of the most mature-seeming people can become anything bu when their work lives and personal lives contaminate each other.

4) You might have to keep your romance a secret, to avoid the above scenario or because it is against your office policy. Some workplaces will even fire people if they are found to be fraternizing. Secret relationships can be exciting for awhile, but if you want to eventually start something serious with the person, this can pose a problem.

Throwing caution to the wind...
Throwing caution to the wind...

Still Going to Go For It?

So before you jump the gun and get with one of your attractive co-workers, think twice about what you might be getting yourself into. Love is a beautiful thing, and an office romance may be the perfect solution for someone who is too busy to get out much, but not if it's causing drama in your life and in the lives of your co-workers. As hard as it is sometimes, remember to think with the rational part of your brain and not let your emotions control you too much when your career and livelihood could be on the line, especially if you have a crush on someone who outranks you at work or who could potentially cause a lot of drama in the long-run.

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