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Should a women be the one to ask questions on the dates

Updated on August 5, 2016

Inquiry minds like to know

Ask Question Ladies

Lady when you just dating a men, you should be the asking more questions then answering questions. You want to find out if this men is worthy of your time. Ladies you are the prizes for him. Determine if he would be a great husband by asking questions.

Three Important questions

1. What do you do?

By asking this question, you will determine is he has a job and responsible.

You need a men that has a job to provides for his family.

2. How long have you been doing your job?

That is a great question for a men. It determine their stability. It show their have a goal.

As a women you need security. A men can give you security by being stable in his job.

Where are you originally from?

This question is to determine his background and culture. It also help know his up bringing as a child.

Ladies Questions will give you knowledge.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 20 months ago

      Personally speaking I believe the goal of a "first date" is to establish whether or not there is any chemistry. Do you enjoy each other's company.

      Ultimately it makes no difference if he's been a doctor for 10 years if you can't stand being around the guy!

      Hopefully some of these questions would have been answered on the phone BEFORE deciding to go out spend time together.

      One of today's biggest problems with dating is too many people rush out on dates with people before getting to know them first.

      It's as if they want to "fast forward" and get to "exclusivity". My guess is there are lots of people if being honest with themselves HATE dating!

      Dating is suppose to be a fun social activity.

      No one is asking you to decide on whether to cut the red wire or the blue wire. RELAX! It's just a date. Enjoy the dinner, the movie, the concert, the play, or whatever other activity it is.

      If you're thinking about "security" on a first date then you're not living in the moment. The more relaxed and compatible two people are the more they reveal about themselves. If either person didn't have a "good time" on the first date you can forget about having a second date.

      No one wants to feel like they're being sized up or interrogated.

      Great first date questions are "Who is your favorite singer/entertainer?, What do you enjoy doing for fun? Have you ever traveled outside of this country? Do you have a favorite place to visit? What is your favorite movie? What are some of the things on your "bucket list"?

      Save the other questions for future phone conversations and dates.

      In the mean time continue to date other guys!

      Whenever someone adopts an "exclusive mentality" before there is even a relationship established it causes problems.

      If a company were looking to fill a position they would interview (multiple) candidates for the job. And not everyone who sends in a resume would get a call from HR, not everyone who gets a call from HR gets to talk with the hiring manager, not everyone who gets a phone interview with the hiring manager is invited to have a face to face interview and not everyone who has a face to face interview gets hired.

      My point is companies have a "hiring process" and you should have a "mate selection process". Don't feel the need to rush things to find a mate.

      The goal is to find the "right one" not the "next one".