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Should you ignore your man looking at other women‏?

Updated on April 14, 2015


A couple a walking down the down when an attractive revealingly dress women passes by. Now the girlfriend has probably already spotted her and will have made her own judgment. She maybe checking to see if her boyfriend also has a look. The girlfriend will hope that is he does notice, he doesn't disrespected her and make it obvious by turning his head as she walks past. Even that slight movement of the eyeballs can start and argument with some couples.

The girlfriend may say something along the lines of “What are you checking her out for? Is that what you like?”

The boyfriends excuse may be something like “I was just looking because I thought it was weird for somebody to wear so little on such a cold day”.

So what is the best thing to do, ignore it and let it go?

You catch your man glancing at a woman who walks past

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Ignore it

The most adult thing to do would be to ignore it. This would be fine if it is not obvious, however what if your partner is starring in an obvious and disrespectful way? Can that be ignored?

The argument would be “I’m not touching so what’s wrong with just looking”.

I believe a woman’s self confidence may start to fade if her man keeps purposely looking at other women. She will start trying to compare herself with other women and wonder why her mans eyes have to wander.

She may even begin to assume that something is going on while she is away.

The same goes for a man who’s girlfriend constantly looks at other men especially in a flirting manner. It could damage a mans pride.


You could however address this directly demanding answers. However I guess it will be difficult getting answers to a natural reaction such as glancing at an attractive women.

That can even encourage unnecessary lies with answers such as “I wasn’t looking” – now the man IS guilty. Not just from an innocent glance but for lying about it too. On the mans side that is an argument already lost.

Confrontation can also cause a man pressure. He may feel like is has chain attached with a surveillance camera watching all the time.

On the man's side

There will always be attractive women around town. Check out a country like Japan here, 80% of the women are attractive and dress well, what is a man to do?

Basically don’t be disrespectful. It is natural to look at other women but try not to make it obviously. Don’t turn around once she has walked past. Don’t even wait a few seconds before turning around, your girlfriend is a step ahead of you.


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    • profile image

      Jonny 2 years ago

      Oh course, ladies just get over it lol.