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Updated on September 15, 2016
A sweet kiss will make a difference especially under the sun.
A sweet kiss will make a difference especially under the sun. | Source
Hug is the number 1 assurance of love.
Hug is the number 1 assurance of love. | Source
Lying down onyour girl's lap and more sweet talk contribute a happy feelings to your girl.
Lying down onyour girl's lap and more sweet talk contribute a happy feelings to your girl. | Source

Important Things To Know How To Make Your Girl Happy

Many guys don't know how to make their girls happy. Sometimes, they feel that they gave already what their girls really need. But, one thing for sure they really don't know what makes her happy. Stop guessing now, here are some tips to make your girl happy in your relationship.

First, just say hi to her. Yes, a simple hi and hello can make her heart smile. Say good morning, afternoon or evening. But, best is the greetings from the morning and sweet dreams in the evening. Nothing can make her day complete than this sweet greetings from you.

Second, Text or call her everyday. Ask her what did she do for the day or how is she doing. This simple call can make her day complete too. It can make her smile for the day and can make her think that you really love her and she is important to you.

Third, If you promise to take her out in a certain date but suddenly you have emergency thing to do, just do not forget to call her or notify her about the postpone. She will be mad if she is the first one to call you and ask you why you are not in her side yet.

Fourth, Give her gifts. She really likes gifts such as jewelry, flowers, chocolates, dress, foods. If you are thinking to stop giving gifts like what you were doing during your courtship stage because she is already yours, you are absolutely wrong. Don't stop courting her.

Fifth, laugh with her. Make some jokes and tease her like a kid. She likes it even she pretends she doesn't like it. She is just pretending to be mad or angry but, she loves it.

Sixth, Always say you love her. She is always longing to hear it. That's true.

Seventh, When she's mad just tell her you care about her. You feel sorry about what happened and ask forgiveness. Then, ask her to go out for dinner. That's all

8th, Don't shout at her or don't hurt her (physically and emotionally)..

9th, Love her. Make love to her, hug her, hold her hands and kiss her.

10th, Introduce her to your family, friends and bring her always to special occasions in the family, office parties and relatives reunion. She will feel nervous but it's okay because she feels important and you have shown her that you are proud of her.

So, guys out there it's your time to show your love to your girl. Good luck!


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    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks..Yeah, I love people who care so much

    • howtogetthegirls profile image

      howtogetthegirls 4 years ago from Global

      I really loved this article, so nice to see that some people really care about hanging onto that special girl.

    • profile image

      anne 7 years ago

      Nice tips. thanks