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Sideswiped by a Dumptruck

Updated on September 28, 2014

Did You Just Dump Me?

Did s/he have a change in heart happen so fast it gave you whiplash? One minute all those obnoxious little quarks and insecurities of yours are deemed too dang cute, then, just one life altering blink of an eye later you've been discarded. Deemed not worthy of the time it takes to tell someone it’s over.

Left in the dark you foolishly and relentlessly try to elicit communication in hopes of getting some answers.Any person you knew and loved and had claimed to of loved right back would at least tell you something, because with nothing - without at least the human decency to say hey listen I love you but I am not in love with you or…. something. Without a shred of reason,what other choice do we have but think about why.To focus on why to obsess on why.

Rejection Stage One

First stage or the blind side rejection is protest, we tell ourselves it's not over it can't be we were fine. So we play the last few days over repeatedly in our head trying to pinpoint where “we” went wrong. We feel once we get that figured out we can amend the horrific action or moment it went all bad.Then we may try bribing with gifts flowers candy even attempt to seduce,using sex as a multiplication tool.

Reason any Reason

A profound sense of defeat and its has to be someone else. So we digitally start to investigate (unhealthy) but this lack of closer is causing consumption of obsessive thoughts that lead to text messages or attempted visits. All the while they are just fine have not thought twice about our shattered confused shells of our self.

Have You Ever Been

Stuck on the idea of someone?

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Stop Read This

Before you continue please take a moment to ponder… What it is about the relationship you cant live with out. How come everything has such a bleak outlook with out this person in my life? Were you happy before the split?

If you still want to continue please be aware some of the possible reasons may seem harsh and are in my personal opinion slash not directed to anyone.

Possible Y's

S/He is busy

S/He is board

S/He is gay

S/He has found someone new

S/he is scared and is taking a minute to sort

S/he thinks your a brat and cling on them to much

S/He is relocating for work and don't want a long distance thing

S/He is not into you like you are him and he was feeling smothered

S/he was cautioned to stay away from you by a secret admirer or crazy parent (it happens)

S/he has no clue your tripping out and in their mind all is well and they cant wait to see you (wishful thinking sorry)

Be Positive

If we are focusing on small changes, or constantly needing reassurance, we are emitting doubt and negativity. This is self sabotaging when we put doubt into our ability to do any number of things we are subconsciously telling our self to fail. Own it- If you own the part you have then you are no longer the person who plays the part, you are the part. If you want a happy healthy relationship you need to be happy with yourself. If you have fears or doubts the first person you should talk to is you partner.


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    • sprickita profile image

      sprickita 3 years ago from Reno

      Thank You 8-) The ending was a little crisp cut , And I had intended to have other related ish hubs but been gone 4 a min , Thank You for checking it out, happy hubbing. 8-)

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      This was a short sweet message and well done. Love your positive way of encouraging readers to know themselves in order to love others.