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Before You Tackle Know Your Defense.

Updated on November 23, 2014


He's not complicated as a matter of fact he's a quick study. The only complication for him is his decision to play or pass. They say "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Okay, partially true. Mostly, the way to a man's heart is through his ego which is not a bad thing, let him have his sense of personal identity. Don't underestimate him. He has an abundance of love and respect to give. Stroke his ego, not for gain, but for nourishment. Don't be easy, he prefers the offense, if I understand the play, yeah! Don't ask him "how do I look"? you'll know by the way he smiles and helps you into your coat; you'll know by the way he introduces you to his friends; you'll know by the way he introduces you to his family including his mom and dad. By now you've given him the test of compassion; respect; patience; endurance and love. Will you play or pass? I think I know the answer.

The way you love dictates the way you're loved. It's your turn to take him on a date to see his favorite artist; to see his favorite movie; to eat at his favorite restaurant, pick up the tab - Touchdown!!! The evening ends with him pulling your chair out - helping you into your coat - opening the door of the restaurant - opening the car door for you with a playful squeeze to your arm. Now you two are driving home - chatting about the evening and he tells you "you're a very special person in my life" you squeeze his hand tell him "he is also special to you". Mutual feelings are evident. That night cap hits the spot!!

The next day he is thinking of you and him. The night before was a night for the memoirs.

Before you plan that wedding invite him to the gridiron to huddle. Telling him let's huddle instead let's talk might be more interesting to him. Nothing serious, tell him you just feel like being in his presence tonight while enjoying a home cooked meal. He loves that you are genuine and you love his company. If you're sure you've found your soul mate then relax he feels the same way. You've located his heart he's located yours. You've both scored. Tackle and wait for the AHHH. Love is blooming.


He may not verbally tell you frequently that he loves you, but he does. He takes for granted that you should know he loves you. Being the romantic and sensitive creatures women are we love the words "I love you." But, being the understanding creatures women are we accept their seemingly insensitive nature. Nevertheless, getting to know your man is not an effort but humorous. For instance, when you tell him you need to talk to him never say "honey we need to talk" instead say "honey let's huddle" you have his immediate attention. Instead of saying "honey wash that sink full of dishes" instead "honey how about tackling those dishes like a football on the gridiron." All jokes aside. Both of you have met your soul mate and are looking forward to that 50th wedding anniversary. We'll forever hold hands like two one arm lovers. There will always be disappointments in any relationship, but injecting our love while we struggle for answers gives us the ability to overcome obstacles.

We created memories of love that will sustain us. Memories that will pass on to that next generation.

We've walked this journey together hand in hand. We've been there for each other in times of illness, losses, tears, heartaches and stress. We have become one in the midst of turmoil and we have become one in the midst of love. We're passing through this journey to prepare us for the next one. Let's feel contentment because of our love for each other, for our honesty, our laughter and our survival skills. Let's be grateful because we were able to forgive. Let's be grateful because we saw beyond the obstruction. Let's be grateful because we are one with the Universe. Let's be grateful because we can say I love you.

Defend us in battle, be our protection against malice and snares. We humbly pray.


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