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Top 5 Signs That Tell A Guy Is Not Interested In You

Updated on January 13, 2017
Top signs that he's not interested
Top signs that he's not interested

Ways to Tell If a Guy Isn't Interested

What are some of the top signs that he doesn’t like you? Or how do you really tell or know if a guy/man you like doesn’t feel the same for you? These are among the many questions girls ask and want to know answers for when they want to be certain that a guy they are interested in is also interested in them.

Knowing whether a guy likes you or not isn’t very complicated. Guys are different which means how one behaves isn’t necessary how the other does, but all other things remaining constant, you will definitely be in a good position to determine if they like you or not. There are always signs to look for that will most likely give you indications as to whether a guy you like does the same for you or not.

This article reveals some of the top signs to look for when you want to be certain that a guy likes you or not. If you notice or come to realize any of these signs and signals in a guy you are currently interested in, and then know that the writing is on the wall and that he totally doesn’t like you. When this is the case, you are the last thing that matter to him and you are just wasting your time going after him. The sooner you look for a guy who likes and appreciates you, the better.

1. He avoids you

This is definitely one of the major signs to look out for when you want to be sure that a guy does not like you. If two people like one another, you will find them together almost all the times but this isn’t the case when he isn’t interested in you. Have you realized that he avoids you? If yes, it’s a clear indication that he doesn’t like you for a second. In a normal setting a guy is supposed to chase after the girl he likes but when he isn’t interested, he will definitely stay clear. When you see a guy who avoids you all the time, it clearly tells you that he doesn’t want to be associated with you.

2. He talks about other girls often (particularly ex-girlfriends)

This is also another sign to look out for when you want to know if a guy doesn’t like you. You will come to realize that he likes talking about other girls in your presence not because he wants to make you jealous but to make it clear that he likes the other girl and not you. He probably finds the other girl to be beautiful or a perfect match for him but at the end of it all, he has made it clear that his heart is set on the other girl. In a situation like this it probably becomes very hard for you to impress him and sway him to your side. No matter what you do will change his mind and the most honorable thing for you to do is to back off and look for a guy who is very much interested in you. This guy’s heart has fairly been won by another girl and you have to live with the outcome no matter how painful it may be.

3. YOU are always the one chasing HIM

Chasing after him all the time and being ignored in the process is also a clear indication that the guy is far from being interested in you. Is there a guy you like? Do you chase after him all the times? Do you call him through his phone all the times? If the answer to these questions is a big YES, then most likely you are wasting your precious time on him. If he was interested in you in the first place, he would have been the one who struggles to have you and not the other way round. A guy who loves/likes you will surely do all it takes to win your heart and will probably not allow you to be the suitor. He would rather be the suitor instead of being the one who is being suited.

4. His body language is closed off

The body language of a guy can be read and interpreted to find out if he is interested in you or not. From the look of his eyes, how he smiles and how he sits or stands when he is with you, you can know if he doesn’t like you. Here below are some body language signs that tell if a guy isn’t interested in you;

  • Closed arms; it means his heart is closed from any other relationship. He probably has settled with another girl.
  • Crossed legs; does he cross his legs when he is sitting? Then that could also mean he is already taken (same as when he closes his arms)
  • Lack of smile; if he likes you he will definitely smile at you but it isn’t the case when he isn’t interested in you. He will rarely smile and that is a clear indication that he is not that into you.

5. He flirts with other women

Does he tease or try to make fun of other girls and not you? If yes, it could be interpreted to mean he doesn’t find you interesting. If he was interested he would probably have done the same on you. Why does he tease another girl and not you? It means he is obsessed with the other girl and not as much on you. He probably likes the girl he is fond of teasing and sees you as just a friend, colleague, co-worker, neighbor etc. The conversations you have with him are general in nature or professional and you won’t hear him say a casual/relationship related word with you.

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