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Signs He's The One

Updated on April 6, 2013

Is He The One?

  1. He smiles. If he laughs and smiles at the smallest things you say he literally is interested in you.
  2. He tells you. This one is pretty obvious, but it never hurts to let people know.
  3. He respects you. He does not talk slang-ish neither treats you like one his friends. He knows the barriers and treats you right.
  4. He trusts you. This one means he can tell you things he doesn’t usually or at all share with others such as his pals. He shares even intimate things he loves such as dreams and deep things he has a passion for.
  5. He wants to introduce you to family and friends. He has already settled what he feels for you and now wants to take your relationship a level ahead, so he asks you to meet his parents and is okay with you being around him and his friends.
  6. He thinks you’re amazing. Again he loves you entirely and completely for who you are when you’re with him and away. He treats you like no other had ever had the courage to.
  7. He compliments you so much you don’t think it’s annoying. Many girls get bored or tired of the loving affection boyfriends sometimes bring. Yes, sometimes it isn’t attractive and more of a turn off because he wants to hear it back and stuff. But the real girl who wants to be with the one, you’ll have to be able to love that side of him.
  8. He accepts disagreements without a battle. Literally, if he tries to avoid any type of argument or fight with you, then this guy might just be the right one for you.
  9. He misses you. If he finds ways on letting you know he missed you or that he thought about you, he must really like you and should really consider how he feels about your absence.
  10. He wants your opinion for things, situations and problems. Rather than going to is pals for help, he’ll ask you for your opinion before really allowing others’ views into his considerations.
  11. He never forgets the little things. This guy is legit, if he remembers even the littlest things you may mentioned before, which in reality makes him stand out and seem more attractive, since all girls want a guy who remembers things such as your birthday or hobbies: Oh, and an additional tip: if he doesn’t remember your name, that’s a big NO , NO!
  12. He loves YOU and only you. You don’t see him flirting with other girls, right? If you don’t than it must show he really cares…even if he doesn’t sound like he does, he could be sending short messages because he is busy. He tells you how much he loves you and how he is lucky to have such a beautiful, wonderful girl like you.
  13. He wants you in his primary life. He puts you on the first spot, instead of the second. He knows just how valuable you are and how much he loves you to not put you in that spot. He makes you the center of his universe and doesn’t mind letting you tell him or reminding him.
  14. He never gets used to you. If you two met and have been talking ever since, and he still gets amazed by who you are, he might be the one. A guy who finds out new things about you as the relationship progresses will remain attracted to you longer, rather than meeting a guy and saying every little detail about you and him losing interest faster than a blink of an eye.


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