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Signs He's a Player: Avoiding Them

Updated on February 27, 2013

Don't Let Him Fool You

Ever wondered whether the guy you met was a player? Want to know if he’s a player? Read on to learn about the sneaky ways a player plays games with girls to get them.

1. He lies to you. He wants your attention and to succeed in this he’ll do anything to get it, even if it means lying to you.

2. He brags too much. He says he has this, he says he has that. He shows off too much and tries to make you see he can give you anything.

3. He says “I love you”. He tells you this without ever meaning it. Yeah, the swooning way he says it will probably sweep you of your feet, but behind all his false words is the face of a guy who doesn’t care.

4. He calls you ‘cute’ names just when you met him. Just when you thought this guy was perfect, he’ll start calling you cute names even if you barely met or aren’t even dating.

5. He brags about you to his friends. This will obviously be seen when the random guy you just met starts calling you his “gf” or starts blowing you kisses in front of his friends.

6. He sizes you up. If he looks you up and down and likes what he sees, he’ll totally be hitting on you, because of your physical appearance; he will forget to see the other things that make you beautiful. If he says you’re hot right in your face or to friend but you still hear it, he’s thinking of you as more as a fun fling than real relationship material.

7. He doesn’t call you beautiful. Just like the sign above, he will treat you as more as a girl who he wants to have a good times with. He will probably forget what your face looks like, because he was so busy studying your body that he forgets just who gorgeous you are.

8. He’ll forget you the next day. If he was interested but was shot down by you, he’ll move on in the blink of an eye, and he’ll find the next girl to play with.

9. He won’t hesitate to ignore you. Once he knows you don’t want to talk to him he’ll act as if you never existed, because his ‘swag’ matters more to him than you do.

10. He doesn’t remember your name. If he sees you and remembers you, he comes up to you and doesn’t recall your name, that means you weren’t really that important that he wanted to spend time getting to know about you.

You're beautiful and you're worth so much more. Don't let a guy like that ruin your day or life. Feel free to comment, leave questions, or share thoughts and stories. Thank you, PJN xo


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