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Signs It Won't Work

Updated on September 12, 2016

A Person That Won’t Pick Up Their Feet

Is there any other sign more defining than a person that won’t even pick-up their feet when they walk? Think of the laziness this act requires.

A Person That Litters

You just left the environment you entered into worse than when you entered it. Why, Why, Why? Why would you show willful disregard for others property or the environment you enter? Why would you contribute to the destruction of an environment, do respect for others mean little to nothing for you?

To The Penny Cheap Tippers

Cheap Tippers

If you can’t do math, that’s understandable, but any other reason leads one to believe you give to the penny what you owe and nothing more. General rule of thumb, 10% of the check x2 and above should give you a good estimate of what to give in most cases. How can the person so calculated to the penny with giving be a person willing to be open and giving with others? Besides, people make their living off tips-if they provide you with good service shouldn’t you not give to the penny.

Truth About Selfies

Too Many Selfies

OK, I get it that it’s the thing to do to spend all day saying “Look at me”, “See me now”, “Now Look” Yes, people get paid to log for their every moment however the question must be asked - Is there any room for anyone else in their picture/world? Sorry but it says I’m totally into myself and I have narcissistic tendencies.

Pamela Krause posted on said:"Selfies = S for self centered, E for egotistical, L for low self esteem, i for independant, f fishing for compliments, e for ego, and s for selfish. People I know posting perpetual selfies have low self esteem and are looking to have their ego stroked fishing for compliments."


Well these are just a few things that make you wonder about the person you are dating. When you reflect upon your relationships and past dating experiences do you recognize some of these things that might have given insight into the type of person you were dealing with from the very start? Do you have your own behaviors you’ve observed while dating that indicated things might not go well?


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