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Signs A Relationship Is Ending

Updated on October 29, 2010

10 Ways To Know It Is Over


1. Contact: Contact between partners diminishes. The desire to constantly be in each others presence changes dramatically. Phone calls lessen in frequency or length, emails drop off, and time spent together becomes less and less. Indeed for the partner who still desires for the relationship to continue feelings of despondency creep in as they try to come to terms with the change in contact.

2. Mood Changes & Irritability: The once happiness of being in each others company changes to one or both partners may be feeling edgy in the presence of their once love. Feeling depressed or being in a bad mood in the company of their partner are also signs. Little things about their partner may irritate them and they seem more touchy, sensitive, argumentative, and hypervigilant.

3. Secretive: Is your partner suddenly secretive about where they are going, or who they've been with? Do they whisper when speaking on the phone, or tell the party calling that they'll call them back? Or do you hear from friends family and work colleagues facts that your partner should have told you?

4. The Present: Does one partner suddenly stop talking about the future, or limit plans to 'today'. Does making plans for upcoming events suddenly stop? Or does any attempt to review what has previously been said or agreed result in an argument as you try to implement it into the future.

5. Separation: Does one or both partners seem to be spending more time with friends, or visiting their family. Do you or your partner some how end up in separate rooms during the evening? Do you plan separate weekend activities? Simply put you would rather occupy time with anything or anyone, other than spending time with the partner you were once madly in love with.

6. Communication: Does one or both partners avoid in depth conversations, preferring to answer questions or inquiries with a quick 'yes' or 'no'? Does one or both partners get overly absorbed in a television show, or book rather than engaged in meaningful conversation? Is the table quiet during meals. Are there a painful silences when in the presence of friends when questions are asked about your future.

7. Criticism: Does one or both partners suddenly seem over critical of the other, concentrating on the other's flaws or faults, or perceiving faults where there really isn't any? Does one or both partners exhibit 'delusions', seeing things that are wrong with their partner or relationship, where in reality these really don't exist? Does one or more partner keep focusing on the negatives about their partner to the point others are embarrassed when they are in their presence.

8. Intuitive: Do you just have an 'unexplainable' feeling that there is something wrong with your partner, or the relationship? Do you 'sense' or have a 'gut-feeling' that something is amiss? You just know things are not the same and you cannot put your thing on the reason why.

9. Distant: Does one or both partners seem to be distant, distracted, or miles away in their thoughts? Is one or both partners daydreaming more than usual? You simply are not connecting as you once did.

10. Body Language: The once close contact diminishes to feelings of repulsion as your partner tries to connect. Physical proximity becomes an irritation. Frowning and limited smiles expressing inner unhappiness of one or both of the partners.

When the relationship you are in begins to exhibit one or more of the above signs it is a clear sign that your relationship is in trouble and is probably about to end.

10 Ways To Know When It Is Over

Do men tend to see the signs that are relationship is ending more quickly than women?

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