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4 Signs She's Just Not Into You

Updated on September 16, 2016

1. She Doesn't Initiate Communication

You might think that all women are fairly shy and will tend to wait for an interested man to make the first move when it comes to communicating. In some cases, this may be true but in today's world of communication technology if a girl really wants to talk to you it's as simple as sending a quick text or hitting you up on social media. If you always send the first text and don't text her for a couple days, odds are if she is interested in you she will make an effort to communicate. Of course, there's no hard and fast rule but it's a bad sign if you are ALWAYS the one to initiate a conversation or try to arrange plans.

2. No Alone Time

Another sign that she might just see you as a friends is if she is hesitant to do things one on one with you. If her first response when you ask to spend time together is to ask who else will be there or propose getting a big group together, she might be hesitant or reluctant to spend alone time with you that might be perceived of as a "date". On the other hand, if a woman jumps at the idea of spending time together alone when you normally see each other in groups, it's a great sign that she is interested in you.

3. She Resists You Paying for Her

Paying for a woman you're with is a chivalrous and gentlemanly thing to do. However, it also carries the connotation that the two of you are somehow together; if not a couple then at least on a date. Because of this, if she resolutely rejects you paying for her, it's her way of saying that she does not want to be seen as being "with" you in any way. Many girls will let you pay for them even if they're not interested, so when she goes out of her way to resoundingly decline your offer, it shows a lot. Either she is one of the few girls that is just uncomfortable with a guy covering their tab, or she is sending you a message that she isn't into you.

4. She Avoids Physical Contact

One of the best signs that someone is interested in you romantically is constant touching, whether it be walking close next to you, hugging up to your side when she's cold, or even playfully hitting or flicking you. So it makes sense that the opposite would be a sign of disinterest. If her body language is cold and unapproachable and she makes no effort to get inside your personal bubble, much less let you get insider hers, she's not into you.

5. Her Texts are Short and Blunt

If you've received your 6th "yeah" or "ok" text in a row, it's time to get the message. She's rejecting conversation for a reason. Don't try to up your texting game up, either, because asking too many questions or trying to force conversation out of someone who is clearly unwilling just makes you look like a fool. In the words of Jay Z: "On to the next one"


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