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Signs Someone Likes You Through Online Dating

Updated on April 30, 2017
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I'm a Midwesterner with a background in writing and media. My articles are mainly about relationships, dating, and heartbreak.

Dating Like a Pro with

Hello there, readers! I'm working with to bring you a close overview of the website, how to stay safe while on the site, and also how to ace your first date. Some of these guidelines are extremely helpful if you use and want to become an expert at it. Some of these tips are also applicable to other settings, so even if you are not interested in using -- these can help you to have a safer and more stress-free dating experience. Feel free to ask any questions, leave comments, or give your thoughts at the bottom of the hub. What is It is an online dating app that you can use to connect with people in your area and even outside of your area. It has been around for awhile -- the company started back in 1997. There are now around 3.5 million users across the world. They have a customer support service that is ready to help you with any hangup, problem, or confusion you may have with the service.


Mastering the World of Flirting

With the advent of technology, finding someone you jive with is easier than ever. Online dating is still relatively new in the great scheme of history and things. There’s a lot of questions about how to navigate through these uncharted waters. I am here to make it a little bit easier for you, and so you know that others are on the same confused page.

Many people are using online dating for long term relationships, while others are looking for something much shorter. It can be tough to meet someone new when you move to a big city, and you’re already dealing with homesickness and feeling lonely. You can use online dating to help you fill that need. You can also use online dating to practice your flirtatious charisma. Today we are going to focus on the website, and how you can use it to find a date for this weekend.

So, you could already be a member with You might already have some messages in your inbox. The trick is knowing how to successfully respond to these messages and your first date. Many wonder if the person trying to get their attention really wants a date in real life.

How to Tell Someone Likes You Through Online Dating

It’ll take some discernment to wade through your online dating conversations. If it seems sleazy to you and just like a booty call, you don’t have to respond. If that is what you want, than you are an adult and know what to do! Some people are much more aggressive online than in person, but the beauty of online dating is you can just ignore these people. Sometimes dating sites (like will offer you ways to block these people and report them. If anyone is poking fun at you, it is more about them and their insecurities than it is about you.

Now for the juicy stuff, here is some tips that you can tell on someone is reaching out to you more than usual.

  1. Consistency is king. This doesn’t mean someone responds to you instantly or every single day, but they do make a point to respond to your texts. You find that the both of you are sending about the same amount of data back and forth. From my own personal research, people feel a better connection with consistency than through sharing pictures or through sharing long winded texts.
  2. Pro tip: you don’t have to send a barrage of pictures to get someone’s attention. Keep the number low. Don’t send anything you would regret sending later down the road. Once you send digital information out, you can’t take it back, so keep your really sexy pictures to yourself -- and for a stronger long term relationship down the road. You need to build trust. suggests you send pictures on a case by case basis. Also, the pictures you use on should only be used for that site. Why? This will help protect your private information and identity.
  3. You know someone likes you if the conversations you have are positive. You feel like it’s easy to be yourself. They get your sense of humor, your own quirks, and you haven’t even met in person yet.
  4. You find someone who goes above and beyond. You feel like you’re talking to someone with more charisma than the regular ole’ Joe. They ask you questions about your day, when you’ll get to see each other, something that would take a little bit more time to figure out about you. The person knows specifics about you, not generalities.
  5. You decide to meet in person, and it’s somewhere public at a good time of day. A good first date with someone you meet online is at a coffee shop, for brunch, or an art gallery. You want to go somewhere where there is other people, but you can still hear each other. Movies, concerts, and other noisy venues don’t really make sense for a first meeting with a stranger. I don’t recommend meeting up with someone for the first time at your place or their place.
  6. You should be able to tell very quickly whether they are just looking for sex or want to get to know you as a person. Are they talking more about your body or your interests? With online dating, you should straight up ask people what are their intentions -- are they looking for a one night stand or a relationship?
  7. Frequency is also king. If they continue wanting to keep the connection, they’ll keep talking and try to see you in person. If your date doesn’t feel a connection, and if they are polite, they will tell you that it doesn’t work. But unfortunately, many ghosting stories come from online dating. You got to be thick skinned to put yourself out there. Don’t get your heart too wound up too early.
  8. When someone likes you, they’ll make a point to text you in a way that is only geared toward you. They’ll write something that they know you like, send you a picture related to your interests, or refer to an inside joke.
  9. One worded responses shouldn’t be frequent. There is a time and place to say “okay.” But if you find yourself easily out talking the other person, you may have a problem.
  10. If they find you on online dating, they may want to see where it goes. If they figure out very quickly that they don’t care anymore, it will fizzle out in time. Don’t take it too personally, there’s a lot of reasons why dates can fizzle out, and often it isn’t about you. Meaning, jobs, hobbies, other obligations, school... all of that can muddle up people’s romantic lives.
  11. If someone genuinely likes you whether you meet them in person or through online dating, they won’t rush you. If they are rushing you, it more than likely means they are looking for something more casual or sex. However, some people really can’t make a decision about dating until they do have sex. You need to listen to your gut above all else.
  12. The flirting should feel natural, not forced. Do their compliments seem normal or does it seem like a stretch? Or do their compliments sound super basic and unoriginal? A little bit of wit goes a long way.
  13. How much intention they put into crafting the first message. If they just sent you a wink that isn’t as eye catching as a well written message.
  14. If you’re needing more tips on flirtatious texting, click here. It'll take you to a blog from about writing the right message.


So what is

It is an online service catering to millions of singles daily. Many with the intent to find their dating match as quick as possible. The site encourages people to flirt with each other, have fun, and work toward a date arrangement. The hope is to break the ice with someone near you. It encourages successful communication, which is the key to any healthy relationship.

Once you sign up for, you can meet a number of people in your area ready to mingle. You can browse a number of attractive personals of potential suitors. I strongly encourage writing people messages rather than just sending them a wink. You can flirt online and have fun -- or take it into the real world.

You can use their search toolkit to select criteria that interests you: from hair color, tattoos, income, degrees, and heck, whatever floats your boat.

And you don’t have to talk to people only in your area. You could put yourself into an international chat room. is also modern aware. The company knows your safety matters, so it takes precautions to protect you. Your personal details will not be disclosed, your privacy matters. Find singles online with their help. The service is for those 18 and up.

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Before You Go on a Date

Congrats! You scored a hot date. Now it's time to make sure you setup the big day just right. You want to have the right mindset and the right tools to make it a success. You need a vision in mind before you blindly meet someone at a bar. Blind dates are old fashioned, you can vet people far better through the Internet.

  1. If you are questioning whether you want to go on a date with someone you met online, talk with a friend. Show them some of your conversations and the person’s pictures. Friends can be objective and blunt here, making sure you don’t date the wrong person. They might also encourage you to keep looking or they might have your back and tell you that you found a winner.
  2. Do some stalking. See what you can find on this person’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even YouTube account. Since this person isn’t in your naturally occurring social network, you’ll need to see if they might already be in a relationship or have some loose screws you don’t want to deal with. Also, this is a good way to find out if they have any mutual friends with you, which should give you an idea of what kind of person they are.
  3. Google their name. You could type their name into the “news” section on Google and their town and see if any news sources come up. This way if they’ve done any interesting crimes or something much sweeter in their community, it’ll come up to the top.
  4. Google their phone number. This could also pop up some interesting things.
  5. Pick a set time with them, a set place, and set your own transportation. You need to tell a friend that you’re going on an online date too, that way people know you are safe. I encourage coffee or brunch because it’s easy, usually flattering, and you can actually hear the person. Don’t get in a car with a total stranger. When you meet people in person, it can be a lot different than when texting or going through a social media profile. You might notice something you really don’t like, so you’ll be thankful you took care of your own transportation.
  6. Remember to keep it positive. Even if it doesn’t turn into a five star wedding with all your best friends attending, you should treat the date with respect. Have fun, be nice, and don’t hurt feelings just for the sake of it. You may learn really quick the person makes for a good friend.
  7. Don’t just sit on your butt the whole week before your date. Go after your hobbies, do something fun, and stay active. You’ll need something to talk about, and if you’ve been a bum all week, you might come off boring if your only conversation topic is Netflix.
  8. Make sure that if you are going on different dates that you do them in different places. Doing all the dates the same way with each person will make it confusing on your brain.
  9. Shower, gussy up, and pamper yourself. Do some meditation, yoga, or prayer beforehand to keep your nerves cool. If coffee makes you anxious, then skip the coffee. It’s okay to be a little nervous. You should be having a good time even if you are not happy or have a future with your date. Life is too short to make a big deal out of these things. (Playing it cool also gives you better odds.)
  10. Lay off the alcohol. Save drinking alcohol when you are out with your besties, buddies, or bros.
  11. Don’t plan too much before or after the date in case it goes well and you want more time.
  12. Don’t go on and on about your exes and people you once upon a time made out with. The sooner you realize no one cares about that stuff, the better for you to not care about it either.
  13. Read through their profile, don’t just date based on looks. Reading their profile will help you to come up with good conversation topics. And let you know if you have similar interests.
  14. Don’t write back long, engaging essays right from the start. Unless you have a really sincere talent for humor, otherwise something that deep from the start will weird them out.
  15. Go with offbeat questions, not too serious and forward of questions -- like how many kids do you want? When was the last time you thought about your ex and cried? And what was the most tearful funeral you attended? -- These questions are bad.
  16. A good offbeat questions is: If you could be any Marvel superhero, which one would you be and why? Again, look to their interests. Ask an offbeat question about their interests. Build intrigue.
  17. suggests taking a deep breath before you text and sending something quirky and effortless. You can use emojis to your advantage. Don’t encrypt your entire message with emojis... it can really confuse people.
  18. When things have picked up you can use the text “I had a dream about you” to your advantage.

Online Dating Tips

Stay positive
Text every hour without reply
Text them something to make them laugh
Invest in your dating profile
Be too serious from the start
Meet during the day / somewhere public
Send pictures you would regret down the road
Write "thank you" texts
Only talk about yourself
Shower before your date
Take your dates to all the same places
Reflect on your emotions later
Nitpick and nag and complain
Ask too many questions upfront about exes
Find your own transportation the first date
Use online dating for cheating
Be friendly and engaging
Give one word responses

After the Date

Now, that you have ended the date (let's say on good terms), it's up to you to keep a positive connection. Playing your cards just right will get you another date, if this wasn't discussed before you went home. You'll want to send a short sweet text when you get home, and probably wait a couple of days before you send the next. If you over-text too quick, you could make your date feel like you are insecure or too worked up. Instead, text like a pro.

  1. Make sure to send a “I enjoyed spending time with you” text. You can add “If you are game, I would like to see you again soon!”
  2. Review the date in your mind. Where there any red flags? Do you feel like you got enough information to move forward?
  3. Don’t spam them with too many texts. If you are both keeping about the same amount of text conversation back and forth... then you are in good shape.
  4. Can’t say this enough, but don’t get your hopes up too high after the first meeting. Play it cool.
  5. Don’t make a big deal if you didn’t get a kiss after the first date or the first few following that. Everyone has a different pace. People place different values on kissing.

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Tips For Your Dating Profile

No matter how great you are at using your profile, everyone needs some housekeeping. There are always ways to improve your profile. You want people to come across your calculated piece of art here and feel that they must reach out to you. There are a few tricks in the trade that can make your profile go from just okay to excellent. It is going to take some time, and you may need a friend or professional with a camera -- but the extra effort will be worth it.

  1. Your profile picture speaks volumes. Use one that shows your body and not just your face. Be wearing something nice, but not too sultry. You want to look friendly and approachable. (Some people will enjoy your sultry pictures. Use your best judgement. )
  2. Don’t go on and on about what you don’t like. Stick to positivity. Display your favorite consistent interests -- not something you enjoyed 10 years ago and haven’t crossed paths with since. Think of your more engaging interests: like rock climbing, dancing, cooking, cycling, and martial arts. Pro tip: profiles with the words “London” and “surfing” for some reason connect to more dates than others. If you are a surfer from London, in theory, you should be able to get a lot of dates.
  3. When it comes to pictures, people get confused when you post a picture with you and your friend. Cropping out your friend, drawing arrows, or whiting out people in your picture to focus on you looks tacky. Don’t do that.
  4. Use high definition pictures if at all possible. Quality picture = quality person.
  5. Calm down on the sarcasm. If people haven’t met you, they might not understand your humor yet. Sometimes humor doesn’t translate well on the Internet and texting. Save the sarcasm for later. ;)
  6. Make it clear what you want, men or women or both... or neither.
  7. If you’re a player, then make yourself known as a player. This way people know what they are getting into before they start talking. Communicating this can honestly save you a lot of trouble.
  8. Do not go on about exes, bad dates, self-pitying nonsense, or other self deprecation. You’ll repulse people this way. It’s as bad as if you droned on about your boogers and how much you like to eat them or make crafts out of them. No one wants to hear that. No one should be into that either.
  9. Act your age. If you are in your twenties or thirties, going on about stuff someone’s kid sister might like, could come off awkward. If you really like Disney stuff.... there is a Disney dating website out there somewhere. Unicorns, spaceships, and leprechauns are great -- but if that’s the only thing screaming from your profile, people might steer clear of you. *Mention mythological creatures sparingly.
  10. Ask a friend to look at your profile and critique it so it looks better. Sometimes your friends know what are your best qualities more than you do. Also, they can tell you if you are coming off creepy or genuine.


Last Words of Advice

According to, most people chat with people they deem are nice. If they are sharing fun stories with you, that is a really positive sign.

Really lock-in on your match’s profile. You can use those hobbies and interests to figure out what is the best route for communication. Writing to their interests will result in faster messages sent to you... which is a good sign.

Check your profile views and visits. If someone seems to keep popping up, you should shoot them a message.

Make sure if you are flirting you are available. If you always say you are busy then you are eventually going to get dropped.

Someone who is interested will ask questions. Extend the favor and come up with some questions for them.

If you end up in a really engaging chat and neither of you seem to want to say goodbye, this is a good time to plan for something extra -- whether another chat session or something in person.

*Remember, always listen to your gut. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable or it feels too good to be true. You are having those feelings for a reason, so listen to it. You can block people through If you think someone is being sinister with the site, report it immediately. You most likely are not the only target.

© 2017 Andrea Lawrence


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