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Signs That A Shy Guy Likes You

Updated on September 23, 2011

Signs That a shy Guy Likes You

Girls, have you ever been in a situation where think a shy guy likes you but you’re not too sure. If so then here are some signs to tell if a Shy Guy Likes You

1. He will stare at you

One of the best ways to tell if a shy guy likes you is whenever you’re in the same room as him, he will look at you but as soon as you look at him, He quickly turns his head.

2. Always in the Same place as you

If you hang out in the same area every day at recess and lunch or whatever your situation is, then this shy guy will most likely be in the same area as you, but he will make sure he keeps his distance from you. He wants to be close to you, but might find it hard to approach you, so admiring you from a distance is a great sign that he likes you

3. He will think of an excuse to talk to you

Some shy guys find it hard to start a conversation with the girl they like, so one way a guy will “Break the Ice” is to make up an excuse to talk to the girl he likes. A great example is that he will always come up to you and only ask you if he can borrow your pen. Seriously, do you really think he comes up to you because he needs a pen? He wants to talk to you and spend some time with you

4. He will tease you

A lot of shy guys find it hard to express how he feels so he will playfully tease the girl he likes. But will never hurt her feelings. So if a shy guy is teasing you, it’s most likely because he likes you so take that as a good sign

5. Does something really nice for you

If a shy guy does something nice for you whether it be carrying your books or helping you with your work or just about anything, if he does this and you didn’t even have to ask him then he definitely likes you


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    • profile image

      epicgirl 4 years ago

      abby,im jelly dat guy like u.

    • profile image

      abby 5 years ago

      OMG I THINK THIS SHY GUY LIKES ME!!!!!!! ok so we were at this party and me and my friend (whos his suster btw) wanted to dance but i had my purse and my jacket with me and i didn't want to dance around with it looking like a dumbass so he was like "ill 'guard' it for you" and he did ALL THE PARTY. he fell asleep, guarding it and he used my jacket as a blanket and my purse as a pillow. anyway when i had to get my phone and i didn't want to wake him up (how does he do that??? lol) so i carefully took my phone out and put it next to him (the purse). so then after like ten minutes, me and my friend returned and my purse was HIS PILLOW AGAIN!!!! okay so then we had to go so my friend woke him up (lol) and then we told him we wanted to go. so BEFORE we went, he ASKED ME TO DANCE!!!! and my friend was taking pictures of us hahahahahahahahahahaha and then we went upstairs and my friend told me i was the first girl to dance with him........ :) we went to get drinks and he got me a coke and him and my friend orange soda. so then my favorite song came on and i started dancing and when i came back to the table, he CLAPPED :) in this really cute shy-guy way hahahahahahahaha so then i danced again with my friend this time. when we were gonna leave, he held my jacket out for me yayayayayayayayayaya and then when my friends mom dropped me off at my house HE HUGGS ME FOR LIKE A MINUTE!!! omg omg omg omg omg, and he squeezed my back and it felt so good!!! any opinions on this???

    • profile image

      Kaitlyn 6 years ago

      does a guy like you if his face gets red whenever someone says your name and he doesn't do that for oter peoples? thxs ;]