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10 Signs That You Are Trying Too Hard In A Relationship

Updated on March 22, 2018

We all get into relationships at some stage or the other. Most of the relationships work only with the balanced efforts of both the partners. People tend to fall prey for toxic relationships too often. Here are 10 signs that you are trying too hard in a relationship

1. You always put your partner's needs before yours

Compromising in a relationship is a very good thing and is something which definitely should be appreciated. But not to an extent where almost all your needs are sacrificed for him/her. Doing this might seem ok now but will only hamper your relationship in the long run.

2. Having a constant fear of breakup

When you are in a relationship, there is a mutual feeling of love and understanding. There should be no room for hatred or fear. Being scared in a relationship destroys the very purpose of love. It steals away the fact that a couple is together because they love each other. And when They love each other the question of fear or breakup shouldn’t arise at all.

3. Being too Tacky

One of the foremost sign that you are trying too hard in a relationship is that you are being too clingy. You might fear the fact that you will lose your partner too soon if you don’t cling on to them. But the primary fact in every relationship works with both the partners having personal space. Sticking up to your partner too much may signify that you are trying way too hard in your relationship.

4. Apologizing for everything

Asking sorry is something which should be appreciated. But how does a relationship work efficiently when you are the one who apologizes for even your partner's mistakes. This marks as a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Forgiving or neglecting your partner's mistakes also holds equally bad as apologizing for everything.

5. Altering yourself for your partner's sake

One of the worst things you could do in a relationship is changing yourself to suit your partner's needs. It clearly paints a picture that you are not yourself with them, but an altered version of yourself.

6. Not having assertiveness

Not being assertive in a relationship, will definitely turn your relationship upside down and lead to a dead end. The key of every relationship is being confident that the relationship will last. When the key itself is lost then how far do you think your relationship will actually go?

7. you have dramatic experiences to share

Every time you see your friends, you feel like you have a garbage truck's worth of trash to unload for them. There's always a fight to catch them up on. Always something to complain about. You never come to them with good news or no news.

8. Admiring other couples

You find yourself paying a lot of attention other couples. You can't stop noticing how easy it seems that everyone else has it. You find yourself window shopping for traits you admire in other relationships and dream about them materializing in your own.

9. You initiate a conversation

It would always be you who would want to talk and make things work .. but zero efforts from the other side make you feel uncomfortable this is one major sign that your relationship is not working despite the hard work.

10. You are always working on something

You can often find yourself working on different aspects of the relationship. Like you try talking out things or plan something romantic but it turns out to be failing as your partner shows zero interest. This clearly shows your efforts are wasted.

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