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Signs You Are Dating a Bad Boy

Updated on January 19, 2015

Every girl claims that they love the bad boy. The bad boy is usually the one that makes them cry. Some girls do not even know they are dating a bad boy. Here are signs that you are dating the bad boy:

1) He Makes Fun of You in Public. You could tell him something amazing when you are in a group of people. Instead of congratualting you he will make fun of you.

2) He Does Not Respect Girls. He refers to girls as objects and talks to them however he wants.

3) He is Demanding. He yells at you to do something for him. He thinks that you will do him a favor even if you are busy. He does not use polite words like "Please" and "Thank You."

4) He makes your self- esteem go down. You wonder why he treats you the way he does. He makes you feel so bad at yourself and makes you feel as if something is wrong with you.

5) He always finds a way to make you cry. When two people are in a relationship they are supposed to make each other smile. If a guy makes the girl he is with cry then there is a problem and the girl should move on.

6) He has a tough exterioir. He comes across as cold and mean. He will not give you affection or make you feel as if you are number one. He won't want you hugging or kissing him in public. He will expect you to keep your relationship a secret. He does not want any pictures of the both of you on Facebook.

7) He does not have a sensitive side. If you are having a bad day or going through a bad time he won't listen to you. He won't give you encouragment. He won't support you or tell you that everything is going to be okay. He may even make you feel worse instead of better.

8) He dresses from stores like Hot Topic. This guy does not know anything about Abercrombie and Fitch. He wears clothes that do not match and may even wear a lot of black. He knows nothing about looking nice.

9) He listens to heavy rock music. The bad boy is angry so he listens to angry music. He goes to places where a lot of fighting goes on and he is most likely to start a fight than to stop it.

10) He won't protect you. He does not believe in comming to a girl's defense when she is in trouble. He won't rescue her or come to her aid. He expects her to take care of herself.

11) He likes to see fighting. He is not a peace maker. Most of the fights that he is been in may have even been started by him.

12) He does not care about others feelings. He thinks he could say and do whatever he wants and it is okay. He does not care whose feeling he hurts as long as he gets what he wants.

13) He has no manners. He is not a nice guy so you cannot expect to see acts of kindness from him.

14) He does not like family parties. He is not a family type of guy. Do not expect to have a family from him because this is one guy that you are not going to get it from.

15) He loves smoking and drinking. To him partying is everything. He loves getting wasted and acting wild. He does not want to do anything else but get wasted on the weekends.

16) He ignores you when he sees you in public. If sees you when he is with his friends and you say "Hi" he will laugh at you.

If they guy you are dating does any of these get out now. All the realtionship will be is an emotional roller coaster and you will get dissapointed time and time again. You will end up in heartbreak and it is not worth it.

If you want to have a future with him, you should try going for the nice guy. The nice guy will give you a family and treat you how you should be treated. The nice guy will be for you through thick and thin.

Have you ever dated the bad boy before?

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