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15 Signs You Are a Cheater in a Relationship

Updated on January 19, 2017

It is very hard to accept you are a cheater in a relationship. You convince yourself it is a normal thing. You deserve it. As such, it is a wise decision. Even if you are unhappy in the relationship, don’t you think it is wise to end the relationship than cheat on your partner?

It might be you don’t know you are unfaithful in the relationship. You have cheated on your partner a lot (for the reasons you know) until it has become truth on its own right. It hurts to betray someone’s heart or to take advantage of your partner’s trust.

1. Don’t Care

You no longer care about your partner. You no longer do the things you used to do. Whether your partner has eaten or not, whether he had a bad day or not, it is no longer any of your concern. You don’t bother on anything concerning your partner and the relationship. He no longer matters.


2. Bullshit

You talk dirty. You answer rudely. You talk the way you want without caring what it is you are talking, or in which manner you are talking. In any case, if he found you were cheating on him and he ends the relationship, it doesn’t bother you. What have you to lose?

3. Proud

You view your partner as garbage. You have developed an attitude whereby you see your partner as worthless, penniless, useless, depreciating value and other negative attitudes you have developed towards him. You are proud because your other now-more-significant is financially stable and so on.

4. No Romantic Talk

Babe, sweetie, honey, darling and other romantic name callings and talk are no longer coming out of your lips (even if it’s not daily). Equally ‘I love you’ seems harder to utter. You revert to calling your partner by his name.

5. Defensive

Why are you late? Why did you not pick up my call? Why is it nowadays you are behaving differently? Why have you developed such kind of attitude towards me? You become defensive to every question raised by your partner. Additionally, you answer him rudely and indifferently.

Blatent Cheating
Blatent Cheating | Source

6. Phony Attitude

For now don’t worry about the meaning of phony. It means fake. Your attitudes aren’t fake. They are well-intended whether consciously or deliberately. I mean how you behave when you are around your phone. At night when you are ready to sleep, you switch off your phone. Your girlfriend knew the pattern to unlock your phone, now it defeats her. You guard your phone such that even your partner cannot come close to touching it like someone who has been entrusted by the FBI with government’s confidential documents.

7. Frequent Change Of Plans

Your partner plans something and both of you agree. However, before the day arrives you change the plans. You always seem to change the plans. It has become a habit. If it is not changing the plans it is postponing them. Sometimes you feel the plans will interfere with the plans you have with your so-called aside-lover.

8. Change The Table

When you are confronted with your ex you seem to change the table by directing the questions back to your partner. You have become an expert in evading questions. As an interviewee you have ended becoming an interviewer. Questions are answered with questions. You don’t want to accept defeat or what your partner is saying is the truth.

9. Get Caught

There is no one who is an expert in telling lies. More than in one occasion you have been caught off guard in your own lies. It is hard for lying people to know what they lied. Therefore, you always end up conflicting on things which you said. You cannot remember what and how you lied.


10. The Whereabouts

Actually, your partner will be deceived to think you are concerned about him. Only if he knew the reasons for asking where he is going, what time he will be back and so on is so you are not caught red handed. You might end up bumping him with your new boyfriend at your side or always arrive late which may make your partner suspect you are cheating on him.

11. Fight

You are always prepared to fight. You feel threatened but it is a perceived one, not real. An issue raised against you turns out threatening. You feel you have to stand up and fight for justice. Yelling, shouting and real fight may accompany exchange of words between you two. So, the fight is not only fist for fist but also words against words. You have magnified a simple question which has been asked by your partner.

12. Over Explaining

You seem to think the answer you give to the question asked is not enough. Thereby, you expound on your answer. Questions asked of which you think your partner might be suspicious you are cheating on him ends up over explained. You want to prove it is not the case (when it is the case).

7 Top Signs Of Cheating In A Relationship

13. New Friends

There is nothing wrong in creating new friends. However, you don’t introduce your new friends to your partner. They become your own friends. You spend more time with them than your partner. You distance yourself away from your partner day-by-day.

14. Silent Treatment

If you were talkative, all of a sudden you become a quiet person. If you are a quiet person you end up quieter than you are. Not a bad thing. Nonetheless, yours is not a change in behavior. It is you don’t feel like talking to your girlfriend. You have ended up thinking there is nothing to talk with her. Feels like whatever she says is trash, that is, meaningless.

15. Busy Ant

You no longer feel comfortable being close to your partner. So, you make yourself busy. Busy at workplace. Busy in the house. When your partner asks why it is nowadays you are busy at workplaces and at the house, you no longer spare time to be with your partner; you reply you are a very busy person. You know it is a lie. You are not busy. And if you are, it is because you are avoiding being near your partner.


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    • Ben716 profile image

      Alianess Benny Njuguna 4 months ago from Kenya

      Thank you Alphadogg16. Yes, they're more of personal experience than factually based. I agree everyone is different and the way they cheat varies. I have pretty generalized the common ones.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 5 months ago from Texas

      Interesting read Ben716. However, In my opinion, many of these signs sound more like a personal experience rather than factually/statistically based signs. Everyone is different and these signs are very generalized.

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