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Signs of Love: A Look Into Zodiac Love Trail

Updated on February 12, 2008


For a peek at romance, you can take a look at your crush's zodiac sign. It may give you a little insight into their mind and thought process. You may even want to consider a zodiac compability test (you can find a few links below if that's what you're interested in).

Flickr image: ukjc07- "Romance"
Flickr image: ukjc07- "Romance"


These charmers are honest, courageous, and charismatic. Although, they may loose their temper and be a little bossy at times, the flare-ups tend to go awau rather quickly.

Aries treasure independence, adventure, and good humor.

Theyre fiery flirts and loads of fun.

Pefect Plan: Sports event.


These teddy bears, love luxury and creature comforts. Sometimes the couch potatoes will leave you yearning for more.

Taurus' offer steady support.

Perfect Plan: nature walk


This fun-loving twin tends to be caught up in two things at once. Geminis tendto be very flirty.

Watch out fot the teasing and gossiping side.

Pefect Plan: trip to an amusement park

Flickr image: thomyneel (Pierre -Thomas)- "A little of ROMANCE"
Flickr image: thomyneel (Pierre -Thomas)- "A little of ROMANCE"


Definately a homebody here.

Cancer's appreciate someone who can soothe their watery worries. But, if you hurt his/her feelings, you can watch him/her walk away.

Perfect Plan: hanging out at home, cooking, making art.


Brimming with creativity, loyalty, and spark. Leos rule the heart, by far. With a kind and sensitive soul, you're bound to be wrapped around your Leos little finger.

But, mess with their pride, and you'll be the one in trouble.

Perfect Plan: a party where Leo can make a grand entrance.


Impressed with honesty, smarts, and achievements, Virgo is thoughtful and trustworthy. They are there for you when you need it.

But, with all that thinking, it may push you away quickly.

Perfect Plan: explore a mega-bookstore.

Flickr image: trixiebedlam- "true romance"
Flickr image: trixiebedlam- "true romance"


Charmers that are abel to keep up with your head and heart, Libras will definately show you what a relationship is all about.

A little gushy and indecisive, but they tend to make a balance.

Perfect Plan: painting, dancing, shopping


Scorpio is strong willed and mysterious. But their jealous side can be a little much or a little exciting depending on how you look at it.

Perfect Plan: an afternoon of challenging brainteasers and games


Your Sagittarius brings talk, adventure, and laughter to the table. This happy optimist will offer places to go and things to do.

Perfect Plan: bus trip downtown


Going steady is exactly what Capricorns like to do. You'll definately climb atop a mountain of romance with Capricorn's smart and savy ways.

Perfect Plan: hiking or strolling a bookstore

Flickr image: MonicaDiBlasio- "About Romance 2"
Flickr image: MonicaDiBlasio- "About Romance 2"


A little kooky and a lot interesting, Aquarius definately enjoys life's wild side. You'll have a hard time pinning this freethinker.

Perfect Plain: trip to a science museum or arcade


Charming and a little bashful, these dreamboats will fill any romance with glamor. Count on being understood when sharing your sensitive side with thee kind, creative companions.

Pisces are by far very devoted.

Perfect Plan: feeding the ducks or making arts and crafts at home


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